Near Yekaterinburg watch Green UFO

Every night for two years near Yekaterinburg watch Green UFO

Residents of the Turin area Sverdlovsk region in the sky every day watch an unusual flying object in the form of a glowing green ball.

As the, witness the spectacle, a journalist of the local newspaper "Izvestia Tour" Raisa Tomilova, said that the local UFO — a small green object the size of a light bulb.

Notice it in the sky with the naked eye can only in the dark, both in winter and summer. Turintsy see him almost every day for the past two years.

The trajectory of the green object in the sky is always the same: it appears in the sky above Turin match factory, and then slowly move towards the pulp and paper mill along the river Tura, turns to the railway bridge and removed to the city Tavda.

Curiously, all the witnesses events when a green ball in the sky begin to feel a sense of nervousness and anxiety, and the local fishermen are more likely to observe in the sky green object, there is an irresistible craving for alcohol.

Experts still can not explain the nature of the appearance of Turinsk green ball, and the locals are traditionally interpreted as an unusual appearance of the aliens who observe them from space.

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