Analysts at Merrill Lynch and Raiffeisen considered insufficient measures taken by the National Bank of Belarus, the Belarusian ruble to weaken.

Analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Raiffeisen considered inadequate measures of the National Bank of Belarus (NBB), aimed at easing Belarusian ruble — as an extension of the corridor on the OTC market rate from 2% to 10% for bank transactions with enterprises.

"Yesterday's action taken by the National Bank, are not sufficient to calm the nervousness of foreign investors", — told the news agency Interfax analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Ivan Chakarav.

"Foreign investors in Belarusian Eurobonds are in a very nervous state. Some of them have been freed from the Belarusian bonds because their yields in the secondary market increased from 7.5% in mid-January to 12% today. The rising cost of Eurobonds means that the market perceives these securities, as more and more risky investments ", — said Ivan Chakarav.


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