NEW AREA OF CHINA defense caused concern the U.S. and Japan

NEW AREA OF CHINA defense caused concern the U.S. and Japan
The U.S. government «deeply concerned» China plans to make the air defense system in the East China Sea, in an area controlled acts which fall Japan island claimed by Beijing, reports November 24.

Area covers part of the sea between Korea and Taiwan, airy space affects archipelago Senkaku (Diaoyu Chinese title). Japan was not slow to respond to the Chinese claim, stating that it was «an escalation of tension that can be very dangerous.»

«This is a one-sided statement is an attempt to change the status quo in the East China Sea. Escalation will only lead to increased tension in the region and create a hazard incidents. Freedom flights and other international rules on the use of air and sea space are essential to prosperity, stability and security in the Pacific. We urge China not to execute his threat, «said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (John Kerry).

New flight rules in this area come into force on November 23 morning, according to the Chinese statement. They provide that if foreign planes flying in the newest area of ​​defense, are not «adhere to certain rules,» with respect to their power will be used. It is also reported that the aircraft must submit a detailed flight plan indicating the state property and to communicate by radio for a «quick and adequate response to the demands of the Chinese authorities.»

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