New missile defense system: you just need to wait

New missile defense system: you just need to wait
Just a few days back the clock, it became clear that the military and political control of the country is considering issues related to the creation of new missile defense systems. Almost immediately with an appropriate message to the press service of the presidential administration appeared brand new information, allegedly pertaining to the details of new projects. If placed in the media disk imaging information are true, then in the next few years Russian strategic missile greatly increment their abilities.

First reports of some studies to improve the Russian missile defense appeared in the 20 days of April-month. Then Deputy Defense Minister Colonel-General A. Ostapenko told that in the not to distant future missile defense system in Moscow and central industrial region held modernization. In addition, except for updating the different components of the system may be the introduction of new, modern pieces with more features the highest. Also during the update utility of missile defense system will be introduced in the new radar missile warning. According to Ostapenko, already developed and elaborated ideology sequence commissioning of such objects.

Unfortunately, the deputy defense minister did not disclose any details regarding the technical aspects of the future updates. Because in order to supplement the existing picture will remember his words last year. In December of 2012, Colonel General Ostapenko told about the development of some new anti-missile systems, which will continue to protect not only the Capital Region, and some other parts of the country. Even greater interest are the words of the Deputy Minister regarding the timing of implementation. How Ostapenko said, new developments rapidly realizable and therefore may have about them could be announced recently. Since that time, six months have passed, but no new posts vsepolnotsennyh unavailable. Maybe projects are not yet ready or have already been completed, but it is too early to publish information about them.
Also can not exclude one of the results of those operations, which last year had read Colonel General Ostapenko, steel posts, received last Tuesday. As it became clear, May 14 held a meeting with the role of President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Chief of General Staff Gerasimov and several other senior Defense Ministry officials, during which the creation of new open a discussion of missile defense systems. All the details of the discussion remained behind closed doors, because we can only guess what specifically read as municipal bureaucrats and commanders of the armed forces.

A few hours before the meeting (!) On the website of the newspaper «Izvestia» appeared first message about the future of Russian missile defense. With reference to the representative of Staff of the Air and Space Defense newspaper published some information that may relate to the ongoing work in the missile area. An anonymous source «News» revealed that in recent times, our country will be unified missile defense system based on digital developments and unifying existing anti-aircraft and anti-missile equipment. The basis of this unified system of air and missile defense will be some brand new automatic control system (ACS), developed the «Almaz-Antey».

The new ASU will link all digital command and battery systems and missile defense. The architecture of this system will allow control without any special problems to integrate into her new anti-aircraft or anti-missile systems, radars, etc., coming into service. For example, according to a source in the headquarters troops ASD, in the near future to a single ACS can mount new anti-aircraft missile systems S-500. It is understood that the information from all detection equipment will be transferred to a single command post area aerospace defense. At this point will be able to receive data not only from radar air defense systems, and with the detection of distant aircraft or with the means of cosmic intelligence.

Source of «Izvestia» argues that data will be used the new broadband system, which became clear a few days of earlier. Reported that the new communications system provides wireless data over a secure channel at speeds up to 300 Mbit / s. According to the edition, brand new communication system based on WiMAX technology and operates at frequencies of about 2 GHz. Tests of the new complex will be held next summer in one of the suburban landfill. Details of its integration into the control system and missile defense were not disclosed.

If sources in the different departments of the Ministry of Defence shared authentic information, the situation with the development of Russian missile defense systems gradually starts to get a positive disposition. Create new missile defense systems, also aids without which they fail to do their vsepolnotsenno function. Under the current criteria, in the light of possible threats to the future, the development of the aerospace defense as a whole acquires a special value. Details of the progress of all projects in this direction so far, for obvious reasons, were not disclosed, but even the available data suggest that the work really are. So last year’s promises Colonel-General A. Ostapenko relatively imminent official announcement of some recent development look completely real. You just need to wait.


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