Newcomers and children

Among the people abducted by aliens large part are children. Statistics of such accidents is unknown. UFO pilots try to operate secretly, and therefore often difficult to prove the fact of the abduction.

Mysterious sounds

1979. In the house of the family in the vicinity of Smith Lourer (Maryland, USA) blinking light near midnight. At the same time he heard a sound like a door lock click. Worried family head Stephen Smith visited the house. Strangers he found the front door was locked. In her room, sleeping peacefully six Bobby. Mr. Smith returned to the bedroom. Before dawn, he was awakened by the same sounds, and again a thorough inspection of the house did not reveal anything suspicious.

Waking up in the morning, Bobby said that he was flying at night with some strange-eyed people on their airship, and there were other children. Pilots ship something they say and show some pictures, but he does not remember. Parents decided that Bobby dreamed it. All the more so in the evening the boy was remembered nothing of his night visions.

Within a month, like Steve Smith and his wife Ingrid again awakened strange sounds. Night light bulb in pomargivali. Like last time, nothing suspicious was found in the house. Bobby was sleeping at home. Mr. Smith went out on the porch, and then his attention was drawn to a strange glowing object, which seems to have just taken off from a nearby vacant lot.

A minute later the object disappeared from sight.

In the morning in the house again heard strange sounds, waking the couple. In the window, they saw the same object, which is removed at high speed. In the morning, Bobby again talked about strange people with big eyes.

These people should have more time to take it to the flying ship, because they have not completed the "training." What does it teach the child could not explain.

Instead of a child — phantom

Four months all was quiet, and once again at night as if the door lock clicked and flashed lights. Awakened his wife first of all went to the window. For low buildings — where there were vacant lots — poured faint blue-white glow. A second later a wasteland rose oval luminous object and picking up speed, flew to the north-east.

The couple entered the room Bobby. The child was in his place. Having decided to wake her son, Mr. Smith held out his hand to his shoulder. And … hand went through the boy's body! On the bed lay the phantom of the Bobby was not!

Parents are in a panic called paramedics, police and firefighters. But the ghost boy was not in bed. Apparently, from tapping the phantom melted. Arrived the police could only say the disappearance of the child.

The first step in the loss of his parents tried to blame as anyone, but them in the house was not. The story could have dire consequences for the spouses, if the morning Bobby, this time to the present, was not in his bed. The boy was fast asleep. It barely managed to wake him up. Bobby once said that he had been on a flying ship. It turned out that the aliens are really taken away from his home, leaving only a phantom!

It later emerged that a UFO in the night to see not only the Smiths, but other witnesses, including one policeman. Bobby same since then more will not "fly away."

Flying yurt

That happens to abducted children (if they really steal), ufologists can only guess. The few children who, like Bobby Smith, back, tell sometimes (if something can remember) about a school. Teacher in this "school" may look like ordinary people, but most have some kind of strange.

— My four year son Volodya said that at night, "go to school" — says a resident of Rostov SK Malinin. — There are taught "green teachers." Each of them embeds children around, is in the middle, begins to spin like a weathervane and fast-talking. Volodya with all look at him and listen, but can not remember from his speeches. My wife and I think that this is our boy dreaming. Perplex only repeatability of the dream and its very unusual details that simply nowhere to take the child.

This evidence echoes the message Dina B. from Kazakhstan.

In 1980, the late-summer evening she had seen in the desert sitting in a circle of kids. Boys and girls, it's not older than five years old, peering into something that was found in the center of the circle — something vague, what Dean did not consider. Children standing near the ribbed dome-like structure at the yurt. Fear made witness to escape, and two hours later she was already out of the window of his house, saw the "yurt", smoothly taking off from the other side, where there were children.

Eyewitnesses falling aboard a UFO, sometimes referred to the presence of children there. Most often they are described as mutants may, born from a cross alien to people. But see there children outwardly indistinguishable from ordinary earth.

Such children in 1992 had seen a UFO Canadian Ralph Jenkins. Newcomer "Scandinavian", who told the story, explained to him that children develop psychic abilities, which is a hidden form for each person. After teaching children to return home. For a while they do from the information given here will not remember, just as the presence on board of UFOs, but at the right time the right knowledge to the surface. According to the stranger, "the right time" — is some kind of offensive obscheplanetnoy disaster, when will have to save all humanity …

"I can see through people"

In the early 1960s, the five-year American Mary Ann Shenefild was kidnapped from his parents' home court in the agave, Massachusetts. She later recalled that she was approached by a boy in a round helmet and skintight suit and put his hand on her head. Mary Ann felt that flying somewhere, and she did not notice that ended up in a spaceship.
Aliens put it in front of a large screen on which an image of her innards. Then her face left a mask similar to oxygen.
According to Mary Ann, the six UFOs were extraterrestrial. All of them were like a boy not much older than herself. They had gray skin and bulging eyes Oriental. They spoke in English "mechanical" voices. After a short time the aliens left stunned girl on a hill near her house and flew away.
In the years that nothing unusual Mary Ann did not see in himself. But over time it has deteriorated vision, and for 42 years it is completely blind. That's when it and discover the amazing ability.
Mary Ann began to feel the energy of people, animals and plants.
Over time, these skills it is so strained that an effort of thought she could, for example, creating a fireball or blow dryer.

— Aliens took my vision, but instead was given psychic powers — says Mary Ann. — I literally see people through …

The sad fate

Often in conversations with people aliens justify kidnapping earthlings, or abduction, approaching a global catastrophe on Earth. Kidnapped people supposedly move them to other planets to save the human species.

Just as often, sounds and such excuse: people need to create a new space races that inhabit hundreds of planets.

Most ufologists, however, tend to the most gloomy assumption: people are used to obtain the alien biological material necessary for the maintenance of their own life.

Yet the study of the available evidence is a mixed picture emerges and contradictory. It seems wrong those researchers who believe that the Earth at the same time learn some different space civilizations pursuing against humans different goals.
Civilization "gray", one must recognize the most brutal.

It is they who are pumping blood from the animals and harvest their entrails.

There is reason to believe that the same way they do with humans, but human bodies are securely hidden.
Slightly more humane those aliens who are engaged by mating with other people space race and the creation of mutants.

Probably the majority of abducted children (and adults) are killed for "slaughterhouse", "gray" and the like aliens. Some children were transported to the alien base, where they are kept in reserve to continue to use as a source of genetic material. Only a small number of children kidnapped for "training" under hypnosis and then returned home. The meaning of "training", apparently, is to oversee humanity. Cases such as Mary Ann Shenefild, rare and likely to be experimental.

Valentin IGOR

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