Not again will last for years immoral bargaining political prisoners? ..

Society Many authors messages addressed to "Freedom", still remember the events of the 19th of December in Minsk, which resulted in mass arrests of political opponents of the regime. In Belarus, continuing trial of detainees while political and social activists. So last week arrested on the eve of December 19 Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau were convicted of one — two and one — four years in prison.

This sentence has responded Vitaly Zarembo from Minsk, from a letter which will start today's conversation. Outraged by the youth activists on dubious charges received prison sentences, a listener writes:

"The way the judge Dmitry Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau — it is a disgrace to the whole world. Guys planted only because they are afraid of their political activity, that they will lead for a youth of the area. Where is the evidence which the witnesses where the arguments, where justice ?

Dozens of opposition politicians suffer in prison just for having dared to enter the area after the so-called "elections."

This is — outrageous. This does not exist anywhere in Europe.

And how much violence will continue? Really again will last for years immoral bargaining political prisoners and the West silently endure regular spitting in his face?

After such councils do something. We can no longer sit quietly as a mouse under a broom. The international community should finally have its say ".

Its say in such situations in the first place should speak Belarusian society itself, Mr. Fred. No one from the West or from the East will not bring the Belarusians neither democracy nor wealth, nor a fair judicial system. In this sense, your reproaches to the Western democratic community do not sound very convincingly. From there the help in the extent and in the same manner as they see fit and efficient. But the support is beneficial especially when the one who helps, really doing everything possible to achieve the desired result.

Why in today's Belarus is different? Why are among the democratic people widely believed that the changes in the country must present someone from the outside, on the side? This is — another big problem, which causes a lot of different kinds — historical, economic, and other …

In late February, the Belarusian House of Representatives suddenly worried, in line with international standards Polish law on "Pole's Card". Let me remind you, this card — a document confirming the identity of citizens of the former Soviet Union to the Polish nation and give their owners a number of benefits in the territory of Poland. For example, the right to free Polish visa or a simplified procedure for employment, education, health care. Our listener Ales Stankevich of Grodno, hearing the news of the concerns of Belarusian MPs, writes:

"Stupidity is conceived servants of the regime. Might think that the Poles when they made the law, wondered whether he international law. Several European countries have long been in a similar way to help their fellow men, who for various reasons were abroad. For example, the first year exists and acts "Map of Hungary."

In general, an "Pole" for today were only about 17,000 Belarusian citizens. Although most of the Poles in Belarus, according to official figures, more than 300,000.

The logical question: why Lukashenko in response not to enter the "Belarusian map"? This would give the same benefits to hundreds of thousands of Belarusians in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine. But that does not make the Belarusian authorities. Why? After all, it would take several million dollars. Probably, the regime decided it was better to spend it on officials and security forces.

And what about the so-called small border traffic — border crossing for residents of the border line? The Polish authorities long ago, a year ago, and was approved all the necessary documents. But Lukashenko them still have not signed it. That's how he really cares about the interests of ordinary Belarusians and Poles living on the border ".

I think, Mr. Alexander, under your terms willingly subscribed to many ethnic Belarusians living abroad. For example, I know many of our compatriots who remained after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Lithuania, were Lithuanian citizens. Mainly it is the elderly, with not too high pensions. How did they get to relatives in Belarus when the Belarusian visa costs 60 euros? Yes, let's go for it in Vilnius, wait in line, will gather a lot of papers. Immediately after the introduction of the "Polish Card" many are expecting that the Belarusian authorities against their fellow countrymen to do the same — start issuing multiple-entry visas free without unnecessary bureaucratic procedures that allow free education in their schools and their children and grandchildren, will bring travel benefits. .. Expectations, however, were in vain. Instead of giving his own, decided to take away other people's … Although it is not clear what ultimately hopes to Minsk? Is that the official Warsaw rush to comply with the order of the Belarusian Constitutional Court and takes all Belarusian Poles these cards?

The author of this letter, the former military Nicholas Kanahovich of Pruzany draws attention to the way older people value the former Soviet holidays — the day of the October Revolution, the Soviet Army, the anniversary of Lenin's birth. They are in these days can often be seen with flowers at the monuments to Lenin, war monument. Some pinned to his chest red tape. Mr. Kanahovich writes on this subject:

"If these grandparents had a shred of wisdom, dignity and patriotism, they, along with her grandchildren, great-grandchildren on March 25, Freedom Day, would bring flowers to Kurapaty, on the graves of the victims of communism. And 8th September, the Day of Belarusian Military Glory, would come with flowers on the grave of Vasil Bykov.'s actions it would be worthy of the respect for the older generation, samples of patriotic education of offspring.

So do not be offended, grandparents, if you do not give way to public transport or elsewhere. And do not blame if your own children or grandchildren will arrange for you to live out the age for elderly. It was you yourself have brought them so, have created for themselves such a fate, so even if this deprived the future of their offspring. On lies, hypocrisy, historical amnesia independence of the country can not be built. And without independence is not well-being, harmony and mutual respect, and our families ".

Sir Nicholas himself belongs to the older generation, more than a decade has given the military service and, obviously, has the moral right to bring such claims to their peers. Although, of course, older people deserve compassion and condescending attitude to some of his inclinations. All the same, Mr. Nicholas, must make allowances for age, the fact that many people who are the best decade of his life spent in another coordinate system, can not in his declining years in an instant to change attitudes and ideals.

Regina Borisevich from Minsk — Disabled since childhood. She is already over shesdesyat. He lives alone in a one-bedroom cooperative apartment, which has built in time for their own money. Last year, the woman had a conflict with the local housing service, during which she refused to pay for utilities. There was a long investigation, then the court — the main receivable Mrs. Regina finally voluntarily repaid. The Court recorded that housing service from a lawsuit against her refused. It is true that remained unpaid fines, which Collected over many months of the conflict — one and a half million rubles.

And on Feb. 23 to Ms. Regina bestowed representatives
ZhESa and referring to the disposal of the Director, cut elektrasilkavanne apartment. In his letter to the "Freedom" listener writes on this subject:

"For 21 days I am in complete isolation from the outside world, in a sorry state. Difficulty walking in the dark. Necessary medicines have to find by touch. Phone is powered by the mains, so left without communications. For I often need emergency care . As now call the "first"?

To those people who have come adrezvats electricity, I was trying to prove that ZHREO already rejected the lawsuit, which I paid for utility services on a voluntary basis. But my arguments and justifications, no one wanted to listen.

I called the police. But the attendant replied that they were in such cases, the events do not intervene.

And here's what worries me. Shortly before this incident came to me in the evening some official from ZHREO Frunze district. Referring to the request of the Office of Social Protection, she wondered if I had any need of assistance and whether the sale of my property. Then I began to wonder whether it is really the implementation of the new national social policy for people like me — the elderly, living alone, people with disabilities, for whom there is no one to stand up? Apparently, we assume to create such unbearable conditions of life at home, so we rushed to run, so to speak, "social reservations", which creates a state. And our apartment in such a case will go to the officials'.

I admit that from a formal point of view ZhESovskie chiefs had such power — turn off the electricity to the moment until they are compensated for all the debts — both basic and fine. After a series of debtors for utilities increased to enormous proportions, the government gave such rights to public services. Unplug now quickly and without much persuasion — and electricity, and water, sewer and even — sometimes dooming it to the suffering of chronic debtor is not so much how many of its neighbors.

The point, however, is that the debtor — different. Like the story, and the reason for their debts, and the consequences of these off. ZhESovskie chiefs could not fail to see that in front of them — not an alcoholic, not a drug addict, not a beggar. What causes conflict with her utility company are not the same, that in typical non-payers. Finally, and cut off the electricity in the apartment, they create a huge problem lonely elderly women, disabled since childhood.

Acted, it looks at the familiar pattern: there is a government decision, a list of powers, there elektrarubilnik … And where in this scheme, people and humanity?

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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