Novosibirsk is experiencing an invasion of ladybugs

Novosibirsk is experiencing an invasion of ladybirds.

As explained by the physician disinfectology FGUZ "Regional center of disinfection" Vladimir Kryzhanovsky, once per 10-11 years these insects are outbreaks of, but the danger to humans ladybugs do not represent. According disinfectology, they are even beneficial — kill aphids in the phase of the larvae.

He suggested that citizens could secure an unprecedented surge in the number of ladybugs because insects are more likely to penetrate into human habitation through the window and balcony.

The reason for this activity — winter comes. Judging from the bumper crop of mountain ash, it promises to be cold. "Nature has created a stockpile of food resources before the cold of winter, and ladybugs seek shelter in human dwellings" — summed Vladimir Kryzhanovsky.

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