Nyaklyayeu starting to get acquainted with the materials of the criminal case

April 1 "Nekljaev go to the KGB, and will introduce. How long will my client will read the case is unknown, the deadline for reference — 1 month" — said the lawyer Vladimir Neklyaeva amber.

At the same time, the politician's wife Olga Neklyaeva told "Interfax", on 1 April acquainted with the case and can not start. "You know that we are at home around the clock law enforcement officers, so we have to coordinate their actions — do not leave the apartment unattended. Today I have some urgent business, so I can check out the KGB to be delayed," — said Olga Neklyaeva.

Former presidential candidate, campaign manager "Tell the truth"Vladimir Neklyaeva vinavanyats in activities that breach public order.

According to Criminal Code RB patients face either a fine or six months of arrest or up to three years imprisonment.

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