Oddities of the Russian-Iraqi weapons treaty

Cash contracts can be signed, not signed and often canceled after the signing. Naturally, the revocation of the contract painfully hitting the prestige of both parties to the contract, because immediately begin to appear speculation that annihilates side — Inconsistent partner, which promises better not continue to trust and side, the purchase of products or services which was canceled, arouses suspicion in terms of properties of the delivered products. This situation leads to countless misunderstandings between partners and allows us to pose the question of the effectiveness of subsequent business contacts. Even more complicated is the situation in this case, when there are tensions between the parties have concluded the military-technical contracts, and with all this comes the application of a party to that contract, "one person" canceled.

Oddities of the Russian-Iraqi weapons of contract

Specifically, and left not so long ago in terms of the contract for the supply of Russian weapons to Iraq, totaling about 4.2 billion dollars. Russian side was to supply the Iraqi army helicopters Mi-28N and complexes "Armour-1C." With all of this myself contract was signed October 9, 2012 in particular the participation of the Prime Ministers of 2-state Dmitry Medvedev and Nouri al-Maliki. And this was called contract the greatest agreement between Moscow and Baghdad since both were in power so called democratic forces. It would seem that the military-technical cooperation between Russia and Iraq once again gaining momentum and looks promising.

But then zabugornye news agencies, namely AFP («France-Presse"), suddenly released material which roared like thunder in the middle of the blue. The article quoted the words of the Iraqi government, Ali Mousavi, the fact that Iraq has decided to cancel the deal with the Russian military-technical enterprises, because the deal suddenly found some corruption component. Which side of this apparent corruption component, sire Mousavi did not specify, so giving rise to numerous reflections on what is likely the root of the corruption of evil sat down somewhere in Moscow, and therefore Iraq at the last moment decided to retire from the deal with Russia .

But the actions that followed immediately right the statements of Mousavi, have shown that in the Iraqi government in virtually every minister and his representative may be a separate world, which he can claim to extrapolate it to the entire Cabinet. Namely, an urgent press conference convened Iraqi Defense Minister al-Dulaimi. According to him, the deal with Russia goes according to plan, and of any cancellation of the contract of the question. Al-Dulaimi assured the audience that in fact there was a delay in sending the documents signed with the Russian military-technical agreement in the anti-corruption committee, and the delay is in fact not fatal to continue efforts to fulfill duties.

At the same time, the Russian Cabinet of Ministers and in the office of "Rosoboronexport" said that no official papers from Baghdad about the cancellation of the contract by the Iraqi side did not come, and work to implement the plans of military-technical cooperation between the two countries-name is in full swing.

It would seem that the incident is over and it is time to put a period to the proceeding, with all this questioning regardless of Ali Mousavi, but in fact appeared in stories continued. This is due to the continuation of it with the words of a member of the Anti-Corruption Committee of Iraq, which has been discussed above, and to fit the required documents have not arrived. Khalid Alwani, and it was he who from among the representatives of the parliamentary anti-corruption service of Iraq and made the statement, namely, noted that the organization he represents, claimed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to stop the execution of the contract. According Alwani, the anti-corruption agency has been determined that to conclude the contract by the Iraqi forces have the case that, quote: "may be zameshena in corrupt activities."

Following statements made by Khalid Alwani also representative of the parliamentary defense committee Hassan Jihad, who said that in recent years from Baghdad to Moscow will be oriented brand new delegation that accepted the role, tell them so, in perepodpisanii agreement on the new criteria. What will these new conditions, it is not clear, but what is clear is that all these perturbations to the suspension-nepriostanovkami work contract does not appear to the case.

On this occasion, political analysts have expressed a number of possible circumstances of the incident. As is seen as central to the pressure from the U.S. partners in Iraq. The fact that the U.S. sell weapons to Iraq in the amount of nearly 12 billion dollars, and could sell even more, if the Iraqi government does not wish to make purchases more than a cheap and undemanding to use Russian technology military mission. Of course, that Washington could not skip past him a deal that would bring the U.S. budget will not excessive billion in the spirit of all: we have, you know, the full program there otdemokratizirovali, and all of you are "outfit" in military terms, in Russia … In the Great Brother such acts Iraqi svezhevyleplennyh of what was called the authorities just bewilderment. So I had to quickly find a reason for legal claims to the platform at the conclusion of the contract. If it were not for the thought of corruption component, we could not be seen to find stamps and signatures in the wrong places.

But although the South American lobby in this case, it is entirely possible, Iraq, in fact, was in a situation where Russia and he can not show his own violent Norova. Should not the new Iraqi administration to forget that our homeland is not so long ago wrote-off the multi-billion debt to Iraq. Yes — let the debt written off for the delivery of weapons still "regime" of Saddam Hussein, but unless there in terms of doing international business is a different matter. As you know, good turn deserves another, and if this debt written off, it is necessary and in response to a constructive step. And such a step could become completely by the conclusion of the Russian-Iraqi agreement in the amount of 4.2 billion dollars without any insinuations.

There is, however, another version of why the Iraqis have started guessing on a daisy in a plan to "repeal — do not cancel." This version comes down to the fact that in Baghdad is so concerned about the resonance changes in senior management Russian Ministry of Defense. Iraqi authorities could not fully come up with the idea that if the contracts were signed under the old leadership of the Defense Ministry, which was implicated in corruption scandals, it may be exerted and hand it to the Russian-Iraqi agreement. As they say, trust but is inspected. And if so, then it is difficult to Iraqis than or reproach: if corruption loopholes have been identified and will not be, and can be contract simply renew. Of course, will be a hassle, but then, as they say, nothing personal — just business. Not Iraqi first, they do not and possibly past …

In general, it remains to wait for the latest Iraqi delegation in Moscow, and how smoothly will be the new consultation on the implementation of contractual obligations. If the situation will be quite relaxed, it is most likely the cause, indeed, was suspected of corruption, but if a scandal breaks out harsh, it will act as the version that corruption suspicions were ju
stified, and that a Russian-Iraqi treaty try and a hand on the side of the Atlantic.

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