Oddities of the Swiss Army

Oddities of the Swiss Army

From historical documents show that Switzerland has a long period of time has positioned itself as a government, supports a neutral — not to engage in military conflict and other armed strife, do not join military blocs and alliances. But this does not mean that Switzerland — a hundred percent demilitarized government. If you look at her army, it does not look feeble. Suffice it to say that in her nine ground crews, several teams of auxiliary character, quite developed the Air Force with a modern air defense structure. Because we talk about being puppets of the Swiss Armed Forces do not have to.

With all this army neutral Switzerland acts on the basis of the mixed principle. There remains militia principle that nourishes the troops Professor "civil" technicians, medical, communications, programmer, which can not only use their abilities in the service of Professor, and pick up a gun is true, if the need suddenly arise. Swiss militia, and that all male citizens between the ages of 20 and fifty, have a private instrument, which is stored at their home. They use military uniforms in those days when they "called upon" to perform certain tasks. With all this sewing and repair odezhki military mission in Switzerland is left up militias themselves, because from the standpoint of Russian Army Swiss militiaman — Is, of course, the tip of the hazing case to own obmunidirovaniyu. Naturally, you can not read that Switzerland each militiaman dressed in that much, because there are certain canons and there, but as they say, freedom of choice is not in the military a lot.

If the Swiss militia had "knocked" 50, this does not mean that government sends him to retire. It may, in at least some comfort for him to attend training sessions and activities, including, and in order to convey their own experience to young militias. When all this is a tool that he had before the advent of "retirement" age, it remains on permanent storage, as he took it, and in his time with the state discount.
When the number of military personnel in Switzerland in an amount of less than 10,000, army can be transformed into a fully Cyclopean education of up to 1 million 700 thousand "bayonets" because reservists.

About the combat capability of the Swiss Armed Forces to judge, of course hard, and by the schveyartsam unlikely to experience a hunt troops in actual combat. After all — neutral …

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