Oil spill occurred in the port in the Bahamas

Oil spill of approximately one thousand gallons (3400 liters) was found Sunday near the oil and gas storage in the port of one of the Bahama Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the Associated Press.

The owner of Overseas Marine Group, dealing with the consequences of accidents at sea, Raymond Darvill (Raymond Darville) said that the oil spill has occurred in the port city of Freeport (Freeport) in the southern part of Grand Bahama in the north of the archipelago.

According Darvill, at the time of the incident at the port was a vessel refueling, but the exact cause of the accident is not yet known.

This is not the first case of the recent oil spill in the Bahamas. Last month, around the island of Grand Bahama with a cargo ship has flown 11,000 liters of oil.

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