On re-allocate infantry 3000000000000

On re-allocate infantry 3000000000000
Vladimir Putin spoke about financing Army and ordered to rearm even faster

The other day, a day or gunsmith President Vladimir Putin visited Izhevsk armory of the Russian capital, where the terrain factory «Kalashnikov» held a meeting on Army Weapons weapon and special equipment for the period up to 2020.

Concern «Kalashnikov» is created on the basis of the scientific production association «Izhmash» and connects voedinyzhdy several defense companies. The thought of giving concern known brand owned by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who is responsible for the defense industry crisp white house. Deputy Prime Minister personally asked permission from designer Misha Kalashnikov use his name for the newly created holding weapons.

Recognizable designer gave good. Emblazoned across the enterprise a new sign of the plant — an AK-47, pen and horn which form bukovku «K».

Specifically Misha Kalashnikov went first and Vladimir Putin, arriving in Udmurtia. With the creator of the most popular machine in the world the president spoke without journalists. After Kalashnikov recently discharged from the clinic and while recovering after resuscitation.

— The President congratulated Misha Kalashnikov congratulate and mastered his health. Kalashnikov in fighting form. Putin gave Kalashnikov presidential watch, and he — my books — said of the meeting president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov.

Arriving at the factory, the president looked new standards in small arms and equipment complexes promising «Warrior,» which was shown at engineers.

— It looks convincing — saw the President.

In the workshop, Vladimir Putin talked to young workers and weapons concern here gave them greetings from Prof. prazdnichkom Misha Kalashnikov.

President asked why the Defense Ministry was not buying the current model AK.

— In warehouses as small tools that they can equip several large armies. Bought a lot. In addition, a new tool has to be better than a potential adversary. And at the moment, not all standards are suitable for the requirements of the Ministry of Defense, — said Putin.

The female part of the industrial team asked the head of the country’s ability to prolong the act of the parent capital, which will not be paid after 2016. Vladimir Putin has promised that part of applets can be saved, but it will become more targeted.

— As long as everything works and the program for you both, do not need to pull. Can manage to give birth to 2016, the age allows better with this not to delay — President recommended.

At a meeting to re-land forces Vladimir Putin claimed by the Ministry of Defense, scientists and manufacturers to act swiftly to brand new vehicles and weapons were faster to the troops.

— Ground forces must possess the highest combat capability, to equip troops allocated more than 3 trillion rubles, or more than 16% of all spending on rearmament of the Armed Forces. Will buy armored vehicles, equipment, small cannon. By the end of the year will come to 28% of the new weapons in the Army. Ask the Defense Ministry determined faster, since 2014, this technique should go to mass troops, — instructed the supreme commander.

The President sent a note that while Russian manufacturers lag behind the level of the development of reconnaissance, logistics and technical support.

— To state armaments program until 2025 is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the Army. Pay attention to the development of high-precision weapons far and near defeat. At this point in the conflict, it applies everywhere, — said Putin.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told «Izvestia», is scheduled to uniformly update infantry arsenals Where will canned «Kalash».

— AK-12 and AEK have not yet passed the tests. But now the president supported the president’s proposal «Russian Technologies» Chemezov, that «Rosteh» to withdraw from the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense on three assault rifles, and instead gave a new one. Seized machines can be converted to civilian gun — explained bureaucrat.

Also is thought to hold the army or factory modernization machines, increasing their class. In addition, the presence of the Ministry of Defense of machines can be donated to third countries in the framework of military-technical cooperation. According to Dmitry Rogozin, such proposals have RF 10s.

Yegor Sozaev-Gurev

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