On the 70th anniversary of the Kemerovo area planted over 50 million trees and shrubs

In saplings attended by members of administrations, members of the Soviets of People's Deputies, veterans, labor collectives of enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of ownership, public representatives, political parties, youth, college students, high school students.

 As part of the One Day tree planting workers Kemerovo regional administration headed by Governor A.G.Tuleevym landed one thousand pine trees in the Kuzbass regional center of the park. Thus, the continued planting area between pr.Himikov and Lenin. It is assumed that the green areas in the future will take a closed and empty until the area along pr.Leningradskogo. Aman Tuleyev supported the idea of i.o.glavy V.K.Ermakova in the future to break the Kuzbass park into zones, each of which will represent one of the seven wonders of the Kuzbass. Regional competition "Seven Wonders of Kuzbass" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Kemerovo region ended in March of this year. Their voices kuzbassovtsev identified the most significant natural, historical, architectural and cultural sites are located in the region. According to the results of Internet voting residents have chosen seven wonders of the Kuzbass. They are recognized: Museum Tomsk Pisanyza (Jashkinsky district), Kuznetsk fortress (Novokuznetsk), a monument to "Memory of the Kuzbass miners" (author unknown Ernst Kemerovo), the city museum Mariinsk monument "Golden Shoriya" Tashtagol, Azasskoy Cave (near Mountain Shoria) and ridge beneath the sky teeth in Mezhdurechensk. 

Recall that the Kuzbass park was laid April 30, 2008 on the initiative of the governor A.G.Tuleeva. The first green settlers — three thousand pine seedlings for the park — have been acquired by means of the family of the governor. In the International Year of Forests, with the participation of the regional administration staff here were planted two thousand seedlings of pine and cedar, and established a unique sculpture park "Mother." Monument of artificial stone three meters high built again on the personal funds of the family Tuleeva. In the single day of landing, which took place on May 11, 2012, was planted another thousand pine trees near the mosque, "Munira."
In Novokuznetsk within Vsekuzbasskogo of the day planting trees Kuzbass famous athletes, as well as graduates, students and staff opened recently renovated Novokuznetsk Olympic Reserve School defeated Olympians alley. Birch seedlings and Manchurian walnut planted Honored Master of Sports of Russia in weightlifting, multiple European champion, Olympic silver medalist in Beijing in 2008 Eugene Chigishev, a graduate school of boxing Novokuznetsk, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, Olympic bronze medalist in London 2012 Michael ALOYAN, as well as another member of this year's Olympics — the master of sports of international class table tennis Kirill Skachkov. Alley Olympians came across the street Solomina Faith, 20. In addition, Novokuznetsk laid walkway 70th anniversary of the Kemerovo region in Novoiliynskiy area. 
Belovchane dedicated Vsekuzbassky Tree Planting Day 70th anniversary of the Kemerovo Region and the 75th anniversary of their homeland. With great enthusiasm, worked for more than four thousand citizens of all ages, from preschoolers to gray-haired veterans, creating an environmental shield of green space for the city, surrounded by coal mines. Only in the city of Belov and villages with a total area of more than 50 thousand square meters. m 4978 seedlings were planted, including conifers (pine, spruce) — 1315 pcs., hardwood (birch, mountain ash, apple) — 3663 pcs. 
The main hero of this day was to Polysaevo Square "One Kuzbass", a feature of which is the song "Cities Alliance", presented the coats of arms of municipalities of the Kemerovo region, forming a semi-circle. In the park "One Kuzbass" for the anniversary of "put down roots" 70 Pines. 
In Belovskoy area in one of the parks laid the foundation anniversary with a message to future generations, in which the younger generation is asking the district to take care of his native land. Capsule with a message bequeathed to open 70 years later. 
Local entrepreneur A.Zubarevym for Jubilee commemorative alleys were made, carved bench with the inscription "70 years of the Kemerovo region."
Residents Leninsk-Kuznetsk area planted in s.Panfilovo, Chusovitin, Red, Kamyshino, p.Demyanovka registered alley conifers, birch, mountain ash. Two years ago, with the participation of the Governor A.G.Tuleeva the square at the House of Culture of Peace was inaugurated Square. Today, residents of the area were planted here another 60 birch trees and 10 lime trees. Veterans asset with young people dropped off eating at a monument to fallen soldiers in p.Voskhodyaschem. Commemorative avenue laid parents of kindergarten pupils "Pinocchio" in s.Drachenino, who took in early September after overhaul 100 preschoolers. Total in the district for today were planted more than 800 saplings of different species. 
In Topkinsky area that day were planted more than 100 saplings of mountain ash around the perimeter of the yard of the kindergarten "Fairy Tale", opened in the summer of 2012 after reconstruction, and near the newly built residential building number 17 in the district of "Sunny". 
Unusually for planting trees come in Kaltan — there laid the avenue of first-graders and alumni. She took part in it exclusively male half of the students. School children planted 40 young seedlings of poplar and mountain ash. As aides were veterans, members of the local branch of the party "United Russia" and representatives of the district administration. First-graders decided to take care of the trees for eleven academic years. 
And in pgt.Krasnobrodskom Park recreation is a sculptural composition for the newlyweds' Council and love "and planted commemorative avenue of pine trees. 
In Jurga at the laying of the Jubilee alleys children were running 70 balls with symbols of the Jubilee field.

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