On the Antarctic Peninsula massively migrating king crabs

Crabs migrate because of the heat.  Photo: daypic.ru

On the Antarctic Peninsula massively migrating king crabs that used to be held away from the cold waters. But climate change could cause a change in the whole ecosystem.

King crabs like cold sea water, but at a certain temperature, they can not take magnesium absorbed by sea water.

Therefore, up to this point they have never met in the cold waters off the coast of Antarctica. But in recent months the temperature has changed radically.

Crabs began to invade sea urchins living peacefully in the waters surrounding the Antarctic Peninsula.

Scientists are surprised, because they were convinced that despite the projected warming, this migration was to begin no earlier than the middle of the century.

But the temperature of the Southern Ocean is rising faster. Enough small crabs and sea currents previously deemed unsuitable for the existence of an appropriate ecosystem.

Huge scale of the problem, since marine organisms that feed king crabs, are not able to protect themselves from these predators.

If migration of crabs will be a cyclical phenomenon, one can hope for a significant change in the Antarctic ecosystem, especially shellfish disappear.

The scientists plan to further investigate the migration of crabs in the coldest continent in the world. This will provide them with information about the future of climate change and its impact on the flora and fauna in a hermetically sealed environment.

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