On the art of decoupage

Let's talk about the art of decoupage. Surely, you know that. that the technique of decoration products for everyday life has been known for a long time. Judging by the individual subjects, it is more than eight centuries.

Particularly popular technique acquires in Europe of the eighteenth century, when fashion includes furniture, decorated with ornaments of marble, wood, pearl, stone slices in a certain style. Usually popular inlays made in oriental style, especially in the Chinese or Japanese. But expensive inlay was not all afford. And then the Italian masters were decorated with furniture and other household goods applications.

Today, this technology applications in fashion again. Now, the materials used for this technique are diverse and accessible to a wide range of consumers. Versatile paper for decoupage: packaging, rice, Decoupage cards, including the 3D-effect. You can also use the cards, labels, photos, pages of glossy magazines.

There are interesting materials for decoupage: adhesive backed film designed for light surfaces and for a dark background. There is also quite clear film that you yourself can put any image, such as a laser printer. We must not forget the slider, a thin film with a contour drawing off adhesive. Basis is activated by water, so working with the material may even a child.

Popular and templates for reuse. They are thin plastic plate with carved figures that are meant to paint. Work in the technique of decoupage best acrylic paints. These paints dry quickly, they can be mixed with one another, diluted with water, ensuring thus the desired shades. Recommended to apply at least two coats of paint to get the desired effect and volume, not forgetting to give each layer to dry.

Brush glue, glue, decorative tape, wood and foam blanks, decorative items, paper of various colors and qualities off adhesive tape, stencils, acrylic paints, materials for the manufacture of toys — all this and more can be purchased in stores for creativity , including in virtual stores.

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