On the banks of the river Shipuniha recover from ecological disaster

Mass death of fish in the river Shipuniha Iskitim district occurredJuly 6. Residents of nearby cottages first raised the alarm and called the MOE. Arrived on the scene officers removed the fish. Meanwhile, the city rumors of a terrible smell, still standing on the bank of the river, and panic among local residents.

According to preliminary reports, which appeared in the press, mass death of fish was associated with a break of one of the sewer adjacent to the river plants. More information from the officials of the Novosibirsk region could be obtained.

According to many local residents, the accident caused serious damage to their beloved reservoir, where it's always been clear water and lots of fish. However, rumors that, despite the removal of all dead fish next to the river is still impossible to be due to the horrible smell, no confirmation.

"The smell of moldy stuff lasted only until such time as the body of water from it is not cleared — says cottagerOleg Oparin. — Other odors, including chemical, here, however, did not past. Just the smell was very "powerful", and many people might have thought that it is a synthetic origin. "

It should be noted that the MOE has forbidden people to swim in the upper Shipunihi (that's where the crash occurred.) Now, many gardeners prefer not to approach the river. Among the population ply rumors that the water leaked chemical waste.

Meanwhile, in some publications have appeared that vacationers are afraid not only to drink water from the river, but it watered gardens. In fact, if the use of water from the residents decided for good reasons to abstain, then abandon irrigation beds no hurry. On top of this, people keep quiet and, according to the residents themselves, are not going to abandon their plots even for some time due to a dangerous neighborhood.

On the river catastrophe befell the residents react differently. SoAlexandra, mother and grandmother, who lives near the Lower Shipunihi carefully watching little grandson, so he stayed on the water as possible.

"Of course, the release took place far away from this place, but it is better not to risk their health and the health of your favorite grandson. Although such a disaster would expect, because next to the river are several industries. Perhaps they threw off any remnants of his production in the water, or they burst sewer … "- she says.

Unlike Alexandra cottagerValery Baruhinsincerely believes that if kept real danger to health, environmental and Rescue Service staff certainly fenced area of the reservoir.

In any case, you can not jump to conclusions until you clear the unexpected consequences of the death of the fish. However, it is now clear that this disaster will affect the state of the local flora and fauna.

Nikita Sukhomlinov

Photo: © academ.info

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