On the border with Bruzgi riot police broke up a protest hard drivers

Evening of June 12 at a checkpoint "Bruzgi" on the Belarusian-Polish border was held to protest the drivers. They demanded to abolish the decree of 11 June and the restriction on the export of fuel. The protesters were detained in Bruzgi, spent the night in police custody October district of Grodno.

To be held on June 13 Trials detainees.

One of the witnesses protests drivers and its crackdown on the border checkpoint "Bruzgi" says that about 18 o'clock on Sunday drivers blocked the terminal on a pedestrian crossing. They demanded the arrival of Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro. At about 19.30 officer arrived, the conversation started. The people she was not satisfied. SWAT police tried to push people, but he did not succeed.

About 20 hours to the police reinforcements arrived, the protesters began adtsyasnyats off the road onto the sidewalk. Several people were detained. When people surrounded the "paddy", demanding the release of detainees, the police used the gas.

One of the witnesses to disperse, said riot police brutally beat protesters.

He said that the protesters pelted the police paddy wagon and there continued to beat him. Igor says he saw a man beaten by less than 10.

An eyewitness said that the action was attended by about a hundred people.

"People are defending their lives. Yeah, it's not exactly legal work, but the people have no other choice. Everybody knows who is to blame for the current economic situation. NOT diesel oil is to blame," — says an eyewitness.

GAI by a tow truck pushing a car.

According to another witness events: People were outraged that we can not now travel to Poland every day. Not all carry diesel fuel there, others have a business in Poland or relatives live there. It turned out that to go at any time convenient for you can not, people really did not miss yesterday abroad, he says.

At checkout you can now have in the tank only five liters of gasoline, but not every machine with this amount of fuel still go, but on the Polish side of the twelve kilometers before refueling, according to our source. And what it means to refuel Belarusians in Poland, where L is five zlotys — it's really two dollars? So you need to have the bucks to change for zloty and the currency in Belarus is not for sale. People demanded to return the former state of things, we are making a border trade, you are depriving us of earnings, they said.

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