On the Day of Freedom — to jail

The politician Viktor Ivashkevich, Young Front activist Nikolai Demidenko and a member of the BCD Gubskaya Irina, who were detained on Freedom Day in Minsk, are in jail on Akrestin. According to human rights activists, the courts on behalf of place on March 28.

According to the preliminary data of the human rights center "Viasna" March 25, 70 people were arrested — 52 in Minsk, and 18 in the regions. Most of them spent about three hours in the offices and were later released without being drawn up. In prison in Akrestsin remain in Minsk Ivashkevich, Nikolai Demidenko andIrina Gubskaya. According to human rights Valentin Stefanovich, Gubskaya and Demidenko stocks were among the applicants on Freedom Day, which is probably why they made up administrative reports.

"Although the same Demidenko only came to the area and was immediately arrested by police in civilian clothes. Judging by the photographs in his arrest involved the deputy commander of the regiment of special purpose Kashtalanov lord, who is also a victim in the case Brevsa, Gaponava, Bear and Lihavida, Demidenko their actions do not have time to do anything. That is, people detained before they had time to do something. Regarding Ivashkevicha — it's all nonsense, and it is a traditional practice that the person detained, and then think how to make it. Wrote that matter. Disorderly conduct for political purposes, we used a long time and regularly. "

Nikolai Demidenko detention.

Colleague Ivashkevich Vintsuk Vyachorka told that the police about four hours deliberating with their leadership to draw up a report on the policy. He was not even on the stock, and walked down the street.

"Last session with him was almost midnight. He said that finally, after four or five hours muryzhannya made the decision to detain him. He is charged that he was involved in petty hooliganism, waving his arms, swore and did not fulfill the legal requirements. It is noteworthy that it targeted snatched. "

An activist of the Young Front Anastasia Palazhanka said that today the Young attributed to the transfer of Nikolai Demidenko Akrestin. She remembers that Nicholas was detained as he came out from the underground metro station "Yakub Kolas." And just on the hands was taken to the station in the subway.

"Of course, he did not do anything. Very sad if we return to the days to hooliganism: swearing, waving his arms, and so on. As Nicholas did not have time to participate or organize some event, whatever he might have to accuse. "

A member of the BCD Dennis Sadowski said that Irina Gubskaya was arrested on Independence Avenue, in front of the newspaper "Evening Minsk."

"She was with Tatiana Kim and Anna Shaputska. They were arrested and taken preventively to the Soviet police department. In contrast to those with whom she was detained at Irina was drawn up. What is written in the report, we, unfortunately, have not been able to find out. Now she is in Akrestsin. Today, we carried her to the transfer, the transfer took that confirms that she's there. And Monday will be a trial. "

Summarizing the actions of the authorities on Freedom Day Vintsuk Vyachorka said:

"The government has made certain conclusions about their image. They made a huge, very expensive, very invoice for the budget and for the morale of the security agencies themselves as a preventive action. They were detained, seized, bursting through the door, making the siege in advance. Well done as a preliminary approach to mass arrests. This means that they were in fear. "



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