One hundred bards of freedom — by mail

Radio "Liberty" has released a multimedia DVD-ROM "A hundred bards of Liberty."

Disk Space — 500 songs and hundreds of interviews with Belarusian bards.

Among the participants of the project — Lavon Wolski, Victor Shalkevich, Valzhina Tereshchenko, Ales Kamotskii, Kasia Kamotskaya, Boris and Galina Vaikhansky, Andrew Plesanov, Alexander Tomatoes, Andrew Khadanovich and others.

CD presentation took place on March 31 at a concert Sergei Sokolov-Voyusha, Andrew Plesanova and Dmitry Bartosik in k / h "Minsk".

The multimedia drive is on mikrasaytu in the form of:
"One hundred bards of Liberty".


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