One hundred bards of freedom — on the disk, and three — on stage

March 31 in the small hall concert complex "Minsk" to be a joint concert musicians Andrew Plesanova, Dmitry Bartosik and Sergei Sokolov-Voyusha. Concert goers in for a surprise — Radio Liberty is a multimedia CD "One hundred bards of freedom." Released in publishing a series of "Library of freedom. XXI Century ".

The CD, which will prezentavatstsa, — a continuation of the "Bordeaux of Freedom", which was played on our radio from September 2008 to September 2010. During the two hundred years of Belarusian musicians sang on Radio Freedom in five of his works. Songs and calls the first fifty posted on the multimedia CD "Bordeaux Freedom", which released the radio in 2010. In the new project to the previous fifty authors added as much again.

Thus, "One hundred bards of freedom" — is five songs of the Belarusian freedom. But even such a respectable figure does not reflect the modern bard's works in Belarus, said one of the authors of the disc Dmitry Bartosik.

Although at the beginning of the program in the autumn of 2008, Dmitry Bartosik highly doubt that she will be stretched by as much as 2 years. And today released disc Mr. Bartosik considered a unique phenomenon in the history of the modern Belarusian art song.

We've got a mini encyclopedia of art song and Belarus, thank God, it is incomplete.

"In fact, there really is very chic and range of topics, and poetry, and voices, and the melody and manner of execution, and playing the guitar. We obtain this, one might say, a mini-encyclopedia of art song of Belarus and, thank God, it is incomplete. "

Except for the songs on the disc has pictures and biographies of authors, as well as electronic versions of books, "Libraries of freedom."

The concert will feature only three out of a hundred bards of freedom.

Andrew Plesanov since the late 60's became interested in rock 'n' roll, was the organizer of the first bit of festivals in Minsk, and a host of rock bands. His group «PLAN» has six full-length albums.

Name Dmitry Bartosik wide rang for the first time when he won the festival "Battle of Orsha — 92". Today, he is the author of two CD-albums — "Honduran TV series" and "Road to Vilna." By Dmitry Bartosik said the main person party tonight Sergei Sokolov-Voyusha:

"Of course, the highlight of the program — it's Falcons-Voyush, which is not as often as we would like, it can be seen as kantsertanta. It is intriguing that brought new songs and new poems. "

At this concert disc by "informal Belarusian" and "Songs lisovchykav" Sergei Sokolov Voyush flew in from New York.

The concert begins presentation in the Small Hall of k / h "Minsk" and 19 minutes.



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