Orion Empire

Many literary sources on esoterica, UFOs, extraterrestrial civilizations established residents Orion extremely negative reputation. In the books it is because they have been involved in many conflicts and devastating wars with the other representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence of the universe.

Other esoteric sources report that gray, which for the last thirty years, probably more than any other contact with the people, using them for their experiments, live in a star system Zeta constellation network that is not so far away in the constellation of Orion. Although there is evidence that many of the gray civilization for centuries visited Earth, manipulating human societies, it is believed that the civilization of the Zeta active on our planet only in the last forty years, and that they have entered into an agreement with the secret government in the United States and, possibly other states. Clearly, genetically dzetiantsy closer to insects than to reptiles (as discussed above). In gray there is a clear almost nevernyaka internal hierarchy;

with the majority of gray in the service of a race of reptiles, or dinosaurs. The vast majority of gray in the so-called Empire of Orion. Lizards are also members of the so-called Federation reptoids constellation Draco. Orion Empire and the Federation reptoids Dragon closely together and with other regressive extraterrestrial civilizations try to conquer and subdue the few planets in the universe, among them — our Earth.

Many residents of Zeta Reticuli some beings from Orion with karmic intervention found humanoid body. We met people who remember, or at least feel a kinship with Orion (and even to civilization gray}; these individuals differ in a highly spiritual consciousness and hardly anyone of them understand why it is on Earth.

Stunted caste gray obey "chief"-the same gray, but a higher growth (seven to eight feet). This tall gray perform various "diplomatic" functions such as holding secret talks with the shadow government of some countries of the world.

As a community, gray differ quite weak genetics. It is known that most of them do devoid of reproductive organs, and therefore incapable of reproducing life androgynous way. Creation of their own kind in gray is mainly in the laboratory, using the cloning process. However, during its existence, gray significantly reduced its gene pool, mainly due to nuclear war and failed genetic experiments, the devastating impact of thousands and millions of children cloning and many other factors, of which we do not suspect.

To learn more about the causes of gray regression in genetic and other areas will help us analyze their metaphysical and spiritual development. We have already noted that the gray often demonstrate some incredible metaphysical abilities — for example, such as penetration through walls or telepathy, but the question remains whether these are the result of the ability of the natural evolution of species, or from the use of unknown high technology.

Valerian claims that many gray, one way or another in contact with people, like their masters, Lizards exist outside the familiar three-dimensional coordinates of earthlings. What we call "dimensions" in the metaphysical literature often referred to as the "density". Frequent contact with people they are gray, they are living in the fourth and fifth level of density. At the fifth level of density beings do not have a physical body, but those who belong to the fourth level (especially being "lower fourth level of density"), may be brought before the man as being the third level of density. Other words, the gray, which relate to the fourth level density, able to go from his home to the third level …

One more time: according to Valerian, five-dinosaurs did not exist, because at this level there is no physical body. The diversity of life forms is due four shaping that occurs in the fifth dimension — where are the major star portals (the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, etc.) and live beings of light.

And again, the gray substance of the fourth level of density to promote human understanding and awareness of the fourth dimension (the astral plane). In some of the messages transmitted through the channeling states that the internet is an example of technology transfer from the third to the fourth dimension.

Existing sources on earth esoteric and mystical traditions suggest that for the full development of the spiritual potential of humanity to create a society based on love and compassion for their fellow human beings and all creation in general, and the love and compassion should also extend to the gray, which (in which we have seen) are a bunch of pathetic endangered species, to equip their physical forms emotions with the help of genetic engineering. Naturally, this does not mean that we have to put up with their evil to us, it does not mean, and that falls on us the responsibility to save the gray of their deplorable physical and spiritual condition. But on a higher spiritual level, these regressing form of extraterrestrial intelligence can really accelerate our own evolution in the direction of the light and away from the darkness, which are themselves malevolent aliens, and related secret government on Earth!

For all of us is really important not indulgirovat in this duality, and to understand it. We need to grow and gain strength as equal in intelligence, we humans are not the kind of flawed — just our spirit is able to translate into the dense physical reality. All spirits are equal, but different manifestations of spirits differ from accepted their forms.

11: 11, and Solara

Another thread of connection with Orion is Solara — a wonderful woman who has initiated one Activation, held in 11 hours 11 minutes 11 January 1992. In my opinion, she did a tremendous job organizing the sake of those who needed healing from the role of the victim, going back to the constellation of Orion — says she Solara, to EL-AN-RA (stars Mintaka, Al and Al-Neelam Nitak) .

AN is the integration of the duality inherent in the starry portals. People who were present at the junction at 11: 11, are among those who need to integrate their bodies of the fourth and fifth dimensions, and some of the guests contact helped them remember the purpose of the current incarnation. Subsequently, it has helped many awakened "Starseed" strengthen the vibration of the mass consciousness, radiating in his reminiscences.

Many of the projects carried out since the beginning of the 90s to the present day, have been made possible due to the training that memorable contact 11: 11 — especially grateful were the angelic "star seeds" that were able to get rid of his deep sense of guilt and self-condemnation.

Sirians speak of "time capsule"

Welcome to you all! Your invitation to be here with your energy — a great honor for us. We are very grateful. Together, we can spend time with benefits. Our energy can be called simply "Sirians." We know that humans love to give everything and everybody names, so here's a fitting name. Try, however, not to be too "Sirian" for you. First, let's define the routine conversation this evening. We know that your system is time we can not say much. Time still limits us, but we will try to understand the linearity of the evening and to satisfy your curiosity. So, here's the plan this short period of time: 1. We'll talk about "alien visits." We hope that we will be able to give you enough to extend the concept of "visit." 2. Next, we'll tell you about what we call a "time capsule" that exist within the energy body. Currently, due to the increase in energy density in your world "time capsule" start to turn on. When we're done with all of this, maybe there will be time to answer questions.

In your world is worn quite a lot of information about "alien visits" — Sirians, Pleiadian and other star guests. We would like to talk to you a little bit about it. Unfortunately, this information, going through different dimensions to you, forced trehmerizirovatsya (from " -D "), and it is fraught with distortions, is not it? In its submission trehmerizirovannom you on Earth, it can not be entirely true understood. So, we want to explain to you in more detail the nature of the concept.

Your idea is that one day (which is waiting for thousands of years) on your planet to land a spacecraft. Will come out of the ship and the representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence … then everything will be fine. Everyone will be more happy than before. On this occasion, many of you have previously pulled out their rocking chairs somewhere in the garden, the bushes and sway there in anticipation of future performance. All eagerly ask each other: "When will that day come?"

Understand the idea of a fixed date of arrival — the fruit trehmerizatsii. No matter how wonderful or were assigned to the date ahead of time, they reflect the idea of a linear distribution of information, and in fact, this is the meaning trehmerizatsii. This approach leaves no room for a permanent extension of the idea, not to mention the impossibility of existence in such conditions multidimensional ideas.

As for the date and time, then your best bet is not to engage with questions, but simply to live, to live a full life, going their own way of disclosure and awakening, because this is the way, and can speed up "visit."

It will never be this: the whole earth is sitting back and waiting, then sits alien ship and all live happily ever after. No. In fact, there will be some disturbance grandfather, the transition from a trehmerizatsii chetyrehmerizatsii. Here's how it happens:

People on Earth (not necessarily all of humanity — a fairly small group) has started the process of personal growth, development and spiritual awakening, they will travel in multidimensional spaces, using the Merkaba or other forms of spatial and temporal extension. In doing so, people will open their minds. Their experience they have done a hole in the dense interweaving threads of your paradigm which located dormant humanity exists inside a giant galactic cycle. Some of you have already heard about the yugas — cycles of development through which the Galaxy. Now you just get out of one of the hibernation cycle, going to the cycle of waking up.

When you are in the cycle of sleep, the fabric of your mass consciousness tightly woven, like a piece of coarse linen. New ideas, it is very difficult to wade through a dense, impermeable fabric, and it guarantees you a strong, peaceful sleep during the whole cycle. However, once you exit the loop and go to sleep wake cycle, as interweaving threads weakened, becoming more transparent. Now through this tissue can already break the light of thought and consciousness. In the tissue, more and more holes, so that in the end it's like not to the canvas, and Swiss cheese. That's when you start to experience the so-called paradigm shift. Once this shift occurs, changing the fabric of reality, and the fact that until recently was invisible now becomes visible.

Awake, you will be able to see firsthand Space "aliens" and openly communicate with them. Then you realize that the "aliens" were all the time on your planet. Now the threads are woven into your paradigm a thick cloth that you can not see anything through it. No matter how bright the light was directed at you from the side of the fabric, you will not be able to clearly consider it. When the fabric becomes more sparse and transparent, you can fight your way through it and see what has always been her. This is the chetyrehmerizatsiya. It is necessary to strive for it. It will be achieved only through the joint efforts of all of you.

This explains the vital importance of each of you, and those gifts that you have to bring your planet, each other and yourself. Each hole made by one of you in this dense tissue, is another hole in impassable paradigm. Each of you is responsible for creating these loopholes. No one will do it for you.

These considerations lead us to an understanding of the reasons why, as throughout its history, humanity has narrowed to its three-dimensional perception. During the time of your existence a lot going on alien visits to Earth. Your memory of the visits is reflected in many of the ancient chronicles. Many ancient peoples worshiped (ie trehmerizirovali) of these aliens, considering them "better", "stronger", "soulfully" themselves. This man developed the idea further separation or individuation, and the idea of a Savior who saves you from all the problems. In the end, no one, absolutely no one can save you from yourself. All of us are in other realities, happy to render you assistance and support — but we will never work for you. We will never allow ourselves to dishonor you, depriving humanity opportunities to learn these important lessons.

Information on these (very painful) lessons kept you, earthlings, very deep down, at the cellular level, the memory of the ancient alien encounters. That is why the introduction of the mass consciousness of the idea of an alien spaceship landing and open contact with aliens latent fills you with fear and awe. Your old cellular memory remembers that in ancient times, you've already experienced the pain of separation and isolation when we left this planet and could not help you more (although sometimes you still able to experience the joy of salvation, when some of us flew to Earth and poking their noses in other people's affairs).

We were silent for so long to get the feel of it you start thinking about self-empowerment, you to understand that the key to all your needs inside of you. You should not look for us to do something together yourself. We can be encouraged and supported, but we will not do anything for you. The old cycle of hibernation trehmerizatsiya, was a period of deification. It was a cycle, during which God, as you seemed to be beyond you. This belief was an illusion, the old tradition of the old thinking. Now, when you start to do all over gaps in the dense fabric of your paradigm, we can not remain committed to such thinking. Now, you discover the idea of Total, the idea of the interconnectedness of everything.

Those wonderful creatures with whom you communicate around the world by channeling — they exist within you. They live not outside, but they are part of you. You live in their wisdom, given that they simply reflect everything that you know at this time. That is why the time (soon, within the period of your life), we will be back to help you. Made popular consciousness choice means that you will never go the way of deification and in the end we meet as equals. But before that day comes, "visits" to the landing, as you continue to represent them to itself, will not. We do not begin to develop the idea that you are separate from us and that we are smarter and better educated than you — all this is not true.

So our conversation went on to another topic, which we would like to discuss. In ancient times the existence of your planet, when there is just an experiment took place on the genetic modeling of Homo Sapiens, between different groups of extraterrestrial intelligence occurred tense political struggle. We certainly are willing to admit that at that time there were, and still are, in the process of learning and development. We are also of various conflicts. Sirians as a civilization at heart always considered themselves to your defense. We fought for you (sometimes openly, sometimes secretly). In doing this experiment in genetic engineering, we know that many other groups of aliens have designs on you, try to make their "improvements" to the person using it for their own needs. And we allowed ourselves a little to interfere with their plans (to use diplomatic language) .

Around the body, there are many different energy fields. Some of you know about the tetrahedral fields forming Merkaba *.

See: Bob Frissell. This book is not a word of truth, but that's how it is. Kiev, "Sofia", 1997.

We decided to implant inside some tetrahedral fields on the energy and etheric level somewhat, as we call them, "time capsules." This "capsule" containing your galactic memory, the history of your world, the history of your origin. In general, this holographic information you have to remember in order to experience the full measure of your being, to which you aspire.

This has never concealed from you. To think that it is a mystery, is erroneous. "Time Capsule" implanted in your views so as to ensure the release of the information contained in them only when your earthly and galactic consciousness arises a certain level of vibration. Course, this information will be released at once, but gradually. Obtaining it cause you in a sense, a headache, but it will be released in portions such that you are able to learn.

You hear a lot about the photon energy. Different people call it by various names, but, as would define it, this is reinforced by the energy begins to flow into your world. This energy gain is starting to open your "time capsule" — basically, the process of releasing the information has already begun.

The first was called "time capsule", which was implanted in the star tetrahedral field of the mental body. It — the very first. Now, that is all we can tell you on this occasion. Now we're not going to tell you how to accelerate its discovery, because What if you force speed up the process, "time capsule" does not fulfill its purpose. Everything will happen naturally as long as you resonate with increased energy, rather than resist it. Later we will connect you to a "time capsule" implanted in other fields around the body, and now will be working with the first. Soon we will talk with you about the "code" for the opening of the "capsules".

Now that you know about its existence, those of you who would like to become a pioneer in its development, can do some experiments in parallel with the Merkaba meditation. Step out into the starry tetrahedral field, male tetrahedral field and try to discover the "capsule." Some succeed, others will just feel it. Do with it does not need anything — just check whether you can find it — and all. This is a wonderful exercise will you learn to perceive the data in the fields around your body. Try. And do not be afraid, there is nothing to worry about.

Because we do not want to break the linearity of our meeting, I have to say if there are any questions on what we have already described?

What role play in all this ego?

Ego help maintain the position of dense tissue paradigm. During trehmerizatsii ego has been for you a very valuable tool, with which you attended individualization. This was part of a lesson in three dimensions. Ego was "Taxi Driver", which could smuggle you through any three-dimensional feel. That it keeps in place this shell, this impermeable fabric. Now, when you move into other dimensions of reality, it will be much less important.

By the way, the ego is the main reason that many of you barely remember their experiences in other dimensions. You take on this, of course! But you're trying to remember the sensations experienced in the other dimensions, while remaining in the measurement, which is under the dictatorship of the ego. And this despite the fact that you exist in a variety of other realities. In this case, the ego is trying to remember what happened to him in real life, which is devoid of the ego itself. Feel duality? This confrontation is really hard.

If you are fighting for your memory, try a new tactic. Do not try to recall your feelings in a linear form, ie, in the form of dates, places, times, planetary systems, and so on, it will not work. Instead, restore the memory with your emotional body. Remember the body through its intuitive, through imagination, using archetypes and symbols. This will help your memory leak to you for as long as the ego surrenders and does not understand that all experiences can be understood, but it is impossible to put into words.

Do not tear your hair out in frustration, feeling that you can not remember what was happening at the time of meditation, merkabah or visit our ships. This is not a sign of your stupidity. The thing is that your ego is fighting for knowledge, while in reality devoid of ego! Do not worry. If you know that something is wrong, but can not remember what it was,. do not assume that your development is going at a snail's pace. Do not worry: it's all right. Everything is going just fine. Give yourself time to rest.

And now we have to keep meeting the conditions of linearity and to say goodbye. It was a pleasure to chat with you. We are very grateful for the invitation and agreed to hear us. We loved our "Sirian" conversation.

Vice Isis and Sirius

"The Deputy" (English Walk-in) — is a person, who took the physical body of man ("ostavitelya"> English. Walk-out), who volunteered to leave the body (eg, suicide). In today's exercise, transmitted Guides channeled, including "alternate" name some famous historical figures. Argued that in recent years the phenomenon of "substitution" is happening more and more often and it is one of the signs of the transition to a new state of the planet, in the New Age. Currently, the land may be up to a million "alternate". *

past, I talked a lot about it, and now I was again asked to tell about the "alternate" and the beautiful blue star called Sirius.

You know that many people feel their relationship with Sirius. This is understandable, since each extraterrestrial life form that comes to Earth to pass through vibrating reality of the star. This does not necessarily mean that representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence came from Sirius — Sirius is just the last "stop" before breaking into the Earth plane. You can be at a distance of millions of light years away in another galaxy, so the concept of "home" might well have not keep in your awakening consciousness.

Sirius — the place where the Great White Brotherhood, the Council of the Twelve (also known as the Cosmic Council), Teachers and Mentors Intergalactic Space Confederation representatives meet to discuss many of the issues and the mission of influencing the life within our galaxy.

Planet Sirius is in the Great Hall, which is located inside the Temple of Knowledge, there, in the Temple of Knowledge, a yard of the Sacred Fire

* Interesting stuff on this is in the book: Channeling. Addresses of the Elder Brothers of humanity, 2nd enlarged ed. Kiev, "Sofia", 1998.

where Eternal Flame burns brightly. Since the appearance of the Earth on it there extraterrestrial life — I'm sure most of you already know about it. If your Scripture the word "angel" and "God" with "supreme leader," then you would have found in the rows of an ancient text and a new sense would realize how much there references to aliens. Many of the biblical Holy Moses, Enoch , Noah, Elijah, Jacob, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah, and others met with visitors from outer space. entity known to you as Jesus the Nazarene, was a member of the Confederacy, she was sent to Earth to change the course of history on this planet, to facilitate the collection of souls Jehovah.

In another historical period came to Earth many Lightworkers million: while time is the development of humanity and the birth of a star — the spatial variation of all life on this planet. It is for this reason that the historical period on Earth. then there was a lot of overcrowding, the Beings of Light have reincarnated on this planet came here to experience the "Great Awakening" and help earthlings there.

Many of those who survived the "near-death experience" and felt "born again", who then became like a completely different person, really were different personalities, there was "replacement."

It's not that all the polls, who survived these feelings, "Deputy" — I did not say, but at least this is true for most. "Vice" is the soul, which as a result of spiritual evolution earned the right to take "unnecessary" body, that is, a body in which the owner, for whatever reason, do not want to stay. goal, which at the same time pursue potential "alternate" one — to serve humanity. In contrast to the "possession" in which disembodied entity obsessed body without the consent of the owner, the "replacement" permitted use only "unnecessary" the body, and then only with the full consent of his former owner. Usually such an event requires a lot of preparatory work on both sides the domestic level.

It happens that the exchange occurs prematurely, without any preparation, and this is a result of an injury or accident, but in any case only with the unconditional consent of the holder of the body. Beings to whom the ownership of the body, are the hardest "acclimation period." This process can take months or even years, depending on how experienced "alternate" in the implementation of such a radical change, and how strong is the negative, and the remaining in the body after the previous owner.

In general, "Vice" — a phenomenon not so unusual, and they can be found not only in the world of three-dimensional reality. This can happen (and does happen) wherever there is life. There are many Beings of Light, for which <fill>, as you would say , the main work, such is called "wanderers>. They are infinitely moved from place to place, trying to serve others in all possible ways.

Arthur David Horn

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