Our Russia (all seasons) watch online

Our Russia (all seasons) watch online
Our RUSSIA — comic series from the creators of the Comedy Club Production. The creators of the television series set its own goal with humor to show all of the most urgent and pressing problems inherent residents of the post-Soviet space. The series consists of small rollers, assembled thematically. Who came out for 5 seasons.
The main role in it perform well-known to all KVNschiki — excellent and inimitable Misha Galustjan and more ridiculous Sergei Svetlakov. Each issue of the audience will be able to keep track of funky moments of life minded teenagers Slavik and Dimona, who are trying to solve one, but a very sore dilemma, elite guard the entrance of Alexander Radionovicha bearded man in his own way at war with the "uncivilized" people porch, boarded the employer and the life groomed and guest workers Ravshana Dzhamshuta who seek honestly Earn on life — honestly it is, but about Earn — not that much. That only is the hero Svetlakova — Ivan Dulin, who lives in Chelyabinsk which thinks he knows everything and knows cheerfully, "and that what" own old TV set.

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