Outbreak of swine fever in Vladimir

In the district Orgtrud to unregistered farm detected outbreaks of classical swine fever — disease to humans is not dangerous, but deadly to animals.
P6 livestock in district brought back in November of last year, but at the end of August this year, the first cases were reported mortality of pigs.

— At these facilities, where no attention or veterinary care, or testing of imported food, viruses develop within 4-5 days, — said Vladimir Demenok, Deputy Chief of Veterinary Vladimir region.

Now the farm the remaining 23 pigs, and all of them are infected with classical plague. Food — that's the cause of all ills, veterinarians say.

Now the focus of the zone can not take out any meat or food. Working around the clock police post will prevent such attempts. 23 infected pigs destroyed by euthanasia, and their carcasses burned on a special place.

Veterinary center also identified areas of concern — it is not only the entire neighborhood Orgtrud but caution area within a radius of 3 km.

— There, we will again look at the number of pigs, carry out vaccination — promises Vladimir Demenok. — Of the destruction of the animals in the area of question.

Vladimirtsev also worry that contaminated meat hits the store shelves. As they say veterinarians, sale of pork to undocumented farm happened.

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