Over the edge of silence. Infrasound-killer. Online

It is known that the human ear is so arranged that perceives sounds with a frequency of 20 to 18-20 thousands of oscillations per second. And what is beyond these borders?

If the ultrasound has been studied enough, the infrasound is still largely a mystery. We are still learning to use it. According to the testimony of scientists, infrasound can be a killer, and can heal and save people. What happens at the threshold of silence? What events cause the infrasonic vibrations? Is it possible to "tame" infrasound?

In our film we will discuss the various anomalous phenomena caused by infrasound vibrations. Some call it miracles, some unexplained phenomena. Scientists have something to say about it.

Watch Beyond Silence. Infrasound Killer

Thanks to Yuri for the film


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