PAK FA vs F-35 Lightning II

PAK FA vs F-35 Lightning II
The debate about whether South American superior Russian aviation equipment, are not conducted first year

And various spices really love to criticize our planes. But the analysis of the latest U.S. F-35 car Lightning II («Lightning-2″) shows that we have not only caught up, and surpassed America. The F-35 has emerged as a result of applets Joint Strike Fighter (Universal Strike Fighter), launched in 2001. Then it became clear: the total price fighter fifth generation F-22 Raptor («Predator») — $ 411.7 million — is very high. Initially, «Lightning-2» was positioned as a more affordable and tech candidacy capable to change all aircraft were in service, not including strategic bombers. Proposed to have a single car in 3 versions: with ordinary takeoff, vertical and shortened. Miracle weapon number more than 3 thousand pieces in a display where the pilot «helmet alien» one eye controls the aircraft and its weapons.

18 months back the first F-35 began arriving in the training centers …

Hidden report

But it seems supercar failed. «KP» was familiar with the hidden report of the testing and evaluation of the U.S. Defense Department.

It turned out that the fuel tanks of all versions of the F-35 can explode when hit not only bullets, and ordinary lightning. Pilots were not allowed to approach closer than a thunderstorm 40 km.

In the transition to supersonic their keels or confusional lose coverage or destroyed.

Many «childhood diseases» and a version for all avianostsev.Uzhasnee case with a version for the Marines: it should soar and land vertically, but due to overheating of parts can fall at any moment.

All versions marked unreliable work onboard electronics, lacking maneuverability at tremendous speeds and congestion, weak engine, small combat radius. About the magic helmet and pilot decided to forget entirely — buggy!

In particular, strong doubts combat efficiency of the machine results teachings spawned Pacific Vision-2008. That’s when it turned out that the plane was positioned as the fifth generation F-35 outright losing our Su-35 generation «4 + +» (in other words the last modernization). A zone to act anti-aircraft missile system S-400 «Triumph» it is better to stay away.

Price of the aircraft with the operation will cost $ 560 million — not cheaper «Predator.»

«The result of this: F-35 — is not far magic how it try to present some. This is a huge problem on the wings, and in some respects even a step back from the airplane … you can only do one thing — throw it in the trash «- concludes Winslow Wheeler, director of the military reform project of the Center for Defense of information.

And what have we?

What did we respond South American comrades? Do we have a fighter 5th generation? Got it! PAK FA — promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (manufacturer’s designation T-50) has been developed since 2002. On this day, we have 5 flight models. Airplane absolutely meets all requirements for fighters fifth generation built using stealth technology, functional, able to maneuver with bolshennymi congestion resettled Russian advanced electronics. Weapons tests planned for 2013 — 2014 years, the series — in 2015. Price — about $ 100 million apiece.

«T-50 — a demonstration that the Russian aerospace technology — one of the best in the world.» These are the words leading zabugornogo military professional Paul Beaver told BBC BBC. In general, there is something to be proud.

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