Party BPF to Anatoly Kuleshov resign

The BPF urges minister Interior Anatoly Kuleshov resign "on the basis of failure to ensure law and order and respect for the rights of citizens." "Those responsible for the repression of political police and the KGB be suspended from work. " This is said in a statement the party on the basis of the Freedom Day.

On board the BPF, Freedom Day was marked by "large-scale repression against opponents of the authoritarian regime." "By prohibiting the march on the occasion of the Day of Freedom, the Minsk City Executive Committee has flagrantly violated the rights of citizens to peaceful assembly and demonstration," — said in a statement.

Justice BPF said that on March 25 intelligence agencies in Minsk and other cities of the country was made illegal operation to isolate political opponents of the regime: dozens the man wasand preventively detained without any legal basis, as against a number of political figures and young activists initiated cases on administrative offenses "on apparently false testimony."

"Special disturbance caused brutal beatings and unwarranted detention of the head of the Mogilev regional branch of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov. Solovyov accusations leveled against the BPF estimates as unfounded and baseless. Any injuries during the arrest Solovyov BPF sees as the physical act of retaliation policy in connection with his political activities. Anxiety and concern and conclusion Ivashkevich and other persons on false charges of "hooliganism" — said in a statement.


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