Passengers of a Moscow flight will arrive in Tomsk on buses

Passenger aircraft "Aeroflot" from Moscow, who was unable to sit in Tomsk because of snowfall and went to the alternate in Novosibirsk, Tomsk to send in buses; aircraft S7 and "Transaero" flights to Tomsk, shrunken in Novosibirsk, ready to fly , told RIA Novosti help Tomsk airport.

Arrival flights airline "Transaero", S7 and "Aeroflot" from Moscow to Tomsk was delayed because of snow. The planes were sent to the alternate Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk). Delay arrival was four to six hours.

"Buses will take passengers only" Aeroflot ". Aircraft S7 and" Transaero "not arrive in Tomsk at 11.50 (8.50 MSK), as previously planned — they are just getting ready to take off from Tolmachevo" — reported in the Tomsk airport.

According to the agency, is now the passengers of "Aeroflot" Tolmachevo get luggage, then they immediately go to Tomsk.

According to an online scoreboard airport scheduled flight "Transaero" was due to arrive at 6.00 (3.00 MSK), S7 — at 6.45 (3.45 MSK), "Aeroflot" — a 7.25 (4.25 MSK). At the airport, while no information on when the return flights will depart.

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