Passion for Kubinka

Translations of "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" under lipetsk can benefit our Air Force

Passion for Kubinka

Reports that the Defense Ministry is going to implement the military airfield Kubinka have generated strong sensual splash in the Russian electric and print media as well as on the Web. The leitmotif of most comments — "continue to sell the sacred."

For some reason no one remembers saying "who shot the head, the hair do not cry." In the course of numerous continuous military reforms over the past two decades, we have sold so many "holy" that airfield more airfield less — is not really very basic. Even if the airfield the whole country at the hearing. It is necessary, by the way, mean that the sale had lost its former purpose military facilities — it quite commonplace in the U.S. and other NATO countries, and China. There they were put up for auction hundred square meters, including airfields.

The main issue is essentially different: But does this not hurt "negotsiya" Fatherland? More precisely — if it does not weaken the air defense of Moscow?

Immediately I wish to reassure readers malosveduschih "MIC": puzzles provide air defense for the capital base of the Kubinka never pinned. In addition, at the moment there is stationed just 237 th Center display aircraft. Under this heading are hiding everyday world-famous aerobatic team "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" (first to fly the MiG-29, the second — on the Su-27). Now they are intended to be transferred to the 4th Center for Combat deployment and re-training of flight personnel Chkalov, located near Lipetsk. It adds passion in the comments, as transfer 2-character state pride from the suburbs "in the wilderness" is treated as their destruction, for turning pilots into aces almost destitute people.

Hunt to remind you that the military pilot, and even super-elite — the man official. It should serve as places where it will direct homeland. In Kamchatka, in the Trans-Baikal region, in the North. And even more so — in a completely Pervoprestolnoj not far from the place where there is no natural, political and economic extremes (Lipetsk region measured enters the small number of Russian regions — the donor of the federal budget). Vpribavok 237 th TSPAT will not in the "open field", and the garrison, the personnel of which also belongs to the elite of the Air Force, after all pass through it and just get a "ticket to heaven" all incoming Russian weaponry battle aviation aircraft. Incidentally, at this time specifically for the Lipetsk are all of our Su-34. Accordingly moaning about the bitter fate of the "Swifts" and "Knights" are somewhat exaggerated.

In addition, you should see the question of the role and place of aerobatic teams in the Air Force.

Such groups have in almost all countries of the world, right up to the Jordan, Malaysia, Turkey, Poland, South Africa and Morocco. They are the "business card" is not only a state aircraft, and the country as a whole. Naturally, they include are the best pilots that can perform miracles not only higher, and group aerobatics. At the same time, curiously, often — not for combat aircraft.

On languid fighters fly only "Russian Knights". On light — "Swifts", "Ukrainian Falcons" (the same MiG-29), Thunderbirds (U.S. Air Force on the F-16), Blue Angels (U.S. Navy for F/A-18), "August 1" ( Air China, the earlier J-7, for the moment at J-10), "Turkish Stars" (on the F-5), Black Knigts (Singapore Air Force on F-16). In this case, all the planes of these groups can only be conditionally consider fighting: they no weapons, sometimes removed and pylons for his suspension. Fighters are very relieved, because they do not provide for a fight, and for aerobatics.

The vast majority (more than 40) aerobatic teams of the world Resettled training machines. The French La Patrouille de France and Portuguese Asas de Portugal — aircraft "Alpha Jet". The Italian Freccie tricolori — MB-339. The Japanese "Blue Pulse" — T-4. In the South African Silver falcons — PC-7. At the British Red Arrows — «Hokie." Etc., etc. All of these machines for air combat are not provided, in principle, can be used as a light attack aircraft, but not as a fighter.

As for the unique maneuvers of our aircraft ("cobra", "bell", "hook"), they are, according to some practitioners, in a real fight at best worthless, and at worst — Furthermore, with the help of their fight in the air can did not win, but surely lose. For example, the fighter, who made "Cobra" is converted to the enemy target in a motionless large size, as it has not turned his nose, and belly. Even for a brand new drive into the belly of this missile were not working. On the other hand, has performed this piece aircraft fired missiles 'behind' unrealistic: In this position, he can only be a few seconds, the target lock and launching rockets on it for that period of time to produce unrealistic. The main thing is that no one has ever tried to do all these miracles maneuvers with suspended to the car rockets. Indeed, in this case the weight of the aircraft increases, changes his whole aerodynamics (air resistance, centering machine, etc.). Then the "bell" and "Cobra" will probably just not possible.

You can not forget another essential point: it is very difficult to imagine that the "Cobra", "bells", "Hukam" turn in droves to teach front pilots (even if the one-year incursion in the Russian Air Force will reach the U.S. or Western European level — 250-270 hours) .

In the end, modern missiles "air-air" long-range stealth technology have significantly reduced the value of agility in air combat, it began to play a role in supporting the best case. It is still more important than the ability of instruments and on-board electronics. On the first place came the information factor. Pilot should be perfectly oriented in the current situation: the first to find the enemy, remained unnoticed by the latter, and to apply it earlier instrument (the very best to do it a second time was not required.)

Next, a very important factor in aircraft weapons, especially missiles "air-to-air 'long-and medium-range missiles, with which you can strike a blow not just because of the limits of visual sight, but better before the enemy is generally realized that his storm. And only then is the factor of mobility, it is acting in this case, if it came to a close fight, when behold the opponents of each other.

That's why flying aerobatic teams are faster to aviation sport (or even the arts) than to the military training, the testing equipment features. Certainly, it is shown to the maximum skill of pilots, but not the ability of aircraft, as they are in the artificial criteria, the real battle is not with the case. "The Bells" and "Cobra", the passage of "diamonds" — all this for the show, but not for combat.

So the translation of the "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" in Lipetsk TsBPiPLS can bring huge benefits. Hardly anyone hurt our "business cards" and further hone techniques show the most complicated stunts. With all of this and they Lipetsk pilots performed correctly, can work very well to enrich friend other experiences, raising the overall level of battle training of fighter aircraft. Wil
l become even clearer to what extent the useful art of aerobatic teams to prepare for the real war. Why, in fact, provided the Air Force.

The most pressing question in fact: where will the money (apparently a very considerable), acquired from the sale of Cuban women? As can be seen, the Ministry of Defense to report to fellow true: money spent on solving problems such and such defenders of the homeland, namely aviators. That's what you need to worry seriously, not that the state would be proud of as many as 320 kilometers from Moscow.

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