Passions around Maces

Passions around MacesFor a long time thought to write or not on defense. Here the thing is, on the one hand, everyone knows that we make a good gun, buy it from us, and that is what we are really proud of. On the other hand, there is a picture of patriotic bunch reasonable that would go off by itself, the there is diminish the advantages of their own country, to slander and humiliate her. Reasons known to them.
1. All tool we got from the Soviet Union, nothing new, we have not developed.
2. All the same, the army destroyed, and that they create is exported. Themselves on rusty fly airplanes and swim in the gutters.
3. Mace still does not fly.

And so on. But I think these points are principal. And curiously, they are in fact, apart from the sensuous colors inherent in emo-patriots, true. Well, who would disagree with them, it's true lion fraction of developments begun in the USSR, and either there and over, or be made based on them. Even the concept of a fighter fifth generation started working through the USSR.

No one will argue the same with that in the army at the moment we are not very many of the latest technology that the Soviet Union was on a lot more that the U.S. Army stronger than ours. And no, you can not argue with the fact that the base of a flight of the park, and are the basis for the Navy combat units that were built in the USSR. This is a fact.
But on the third Fri and read nothing, 5 relative to the successful launches of the 12-and — this is an obvious problem.

Over all, I agree with you, gentlemen Emo patriots. But because of the usual stupidity you are not aware of the 1st — a statement of fact it is only the beginning of the thought process, it is the top, and below it there is the whole essence of the whole point. Your thinking is built on a simple principle, and is held at the level of reflexes that are available even ciliates-slipper. The method of normal — bad formulate the thesis, for example, "Mace does not fly," and conclude usually reduces to "сранаярашкакатитсявсвоегавно." Well, how else?
Let's start with the first Sat. To begin with, I wish to say that nothing wrong in the fact that our home uses production USSR no. Not many, many recognize that the NTP is very slowed down, and we came to the end of a new round caused a breakthrough in nuclear physics and semiconductor electronics. But the Soviet Union brought together the cream, once on the crest of the technology, when the prospects are enormous, but to invent yet almost all do not have time. In fact, in the same conditions and the U.S., they also have something new does not actually appear in the last 20 years and this is taking into account their ability. Well yes, there is the F-22 "Raptor", but is it Innovative? Development of the "Stealth" has long been known, the aircraft with supersonic cruising speed has long been, missiles hidden in the belly, eka prodigy. But did back in the 60's B-52 so far in service, and instead of what would turn away from this junk, the United States they are going to upgrade. So why do we have to invent something of his own, when there is a good base, left the Union?

In general, just "Mace" this is the very thing that has been created in Russia. I hear jokes Emo patriots like "well, just do not fly a rocket, and we are able to do." Well, not only, the Topol-M and "Blue," I'm really not talking about a new set of "Yar" was made in Russia, and excellent fly. The fact that the smallness did not go with the "Bulava" is faster exception, not the rule. The main thing is that no one hesitates to that Mace for its features correspond to what the enemy is at the head the U.S. (again, remember the Budget). Just do not hear criticism and about its structure. Task as a production, but I'm sorry, what can we do a missile that even 5 times their 12 but still reach the outskirts where you want, it's magic, because a lot of production capacity, training, knowledge, remained abroad, and we're at 90 e-preserved that it allows us to make a rocket, it's a mystery, it's magic. So not surprisingly that rocket bad flying, but the fact that it flies in general somehow.

The rocket will fly, but it later? And later, the magic of our government, for some reason it does not sawing new submarines, on the contrary, it builds them. One has already passed the tests, two in the large degree of readiness and once laid. Yes, ladies and gentlemen Emo Patriots, this is a case when the instrument is not for export, and for us. Thus work on upgrading our strategic submarine fleet is on many fronts, with all this and not forgets about the current security.

1. Are tested latest Bulava missiles
2. Modernized nuclear submarine "Akula" by a rocket ready, until they were ready submarine project "Northwind"
3. Built nuclear submarine project "Northwind"
3. While the rocket is not ready modernized submarine project "Dolphin" and also do not put their oldest missile "The blue"

Passions around MacesSee all the obmysleno, like all big, and it is true. If the authorities did not care about our safety, our army, for which it was necessary to quickly rebuild six submarines of an old project. Well, no one did not threaten us now, it would be possible to live without submarines. Especially since there's still a nuclear submarine project "Squid" ground missiles there. But they remain, are being upgraded. And not to the west, and for us, for the safety of Russia. Well, could restrict modernization, after all, "Blue," a good missile, well, the boat is not too bad. Especially since the "Sharks", well converted to them all, and would have cost. So no, we Moreover, the new submarine project "Borei" build, besides outright 4 pieces!

And let's think here is something, just for example the conventional style of thinking, wider. How many states are in the proper disposal of rocket on features close to the Bulava? One country! And it's the U.S., the military budget which is 10 times more than ours. No country no longer has such a missile. Yes, France since the early 90s has been developing missiles M51 developing a similar missile, but a couple of times already lowered its properties, revise the draft, eventually, planning its adoption in 2008, rocket was never put into service (planned for this year). So involved in the development of several states (consortium EADS Space Transportation), members of NATO, and is in some measure to use technology alliance, in other words the United States. With all this new warhead for this missile has not yet been developed, and are expected in 2015, the year, and while there will be sarye warheads.

The Chinese JL-2 is inferior Bulava, at least in the number of warheads. Total, that is, our home is in a number of strong players such as the European Union, and is ahead of China. United States is the home that is not surprisingly, given the size of the budget. By the way, many of our designers is charged with refusal to test certain steps, and to replace them with computer simulation. So in fact the same thing happen
s with the missile M51

According to the statements of the responsible persons of the project, in the process significantly more extensive, if previously used methods of modeling and simulation, provide a choice of a number of good solutions and significant cost savings. It is understood, for example, that the use of modern technology will allow the design to reduce the amount of joint flight test more than three times

This proves to be a global practice, and we go up over time. By the way, it is possible that changing an old testing procedures, indeed resulted in some problems, but we must realize that the mistakes are taught, and if you do not start to learn at the moment, then later may be too late, other countries are ahead of us, and we will continue to use antiquated, albeit reliable, but more expensive, and many, ways. So the designers did not invent anything, they just caught the global trend associated with the development of computational tools.

So, do not fly Mace? Do not fly. But flying is extremely similar to the U.S., and put into service is similar in Europe. What do you want? What would our homeland, after what it did in the 90's, has been ahead of the entire planet, that would be owning to the smallest defense budget, it is not moving ahead of the most backward countries in Europe, not to mention the U.S.? Yes, already well that we are not far behind, there is still the question behind you, because the properties of missiles hidden information, and it is not the fact that a couple of times M51 is essentially a stripped down our opponent, "Bulava" and its combat units, which are used for an old M51 . And we also "The blue" there is.
As the lead, came out a bit longer than usual findings obtained from emo-patriots. But nowhere is our homeland is not rolling, but quite on the contrary, makes the missile, which no one country world outside the United States can not. And it turns out not only in the Russian Federation of the problem with the adoption of the missile into service, is a consortium of European countries and Murka draws as much from 1993 to the present, the past 17 years, making a rocket, but also without warheads, while our homeland izderzhala to develop Mace still only 12 years old.

By the way, in contrast to Europe, which is still stuck in an old-date missile submarines Our home was built under the latest and the newest missile submarines. One has already graduated from the tests, as I read. Well Emo Patriots natural grin, like the boat is, and no missiles. Let me remind you that in USSR there was a case when there are three boats were afloat, and rockets did not come. So, in the USSR, with its abilities then!

This week's promise to the next Bulava tests. Fingers crossed.

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