Passions around the landfill Donguz

Passions around the landfill DonguzIn the Orenburg region ancestors of conscripts required to release their kids from the disposal of munitions at the site of old times Donguz.. Command assured that everything is harmless, soldiers are trained. Fighters themselves admit that all this formality. For all this they have to live in tents in the absence of simple household criterion.

At check-Fri military unit at the site Donguz crowded — at any time of the day there come ancestors fighter, To make sure everything is OK with their kids. Battalion was in the center of a scandal after the military began to receive reports that they have to practically live in the open field, with no simple household criterion, and boxes with old ammunition dump in 40-degree heat.

Love Borisov came from Omsk. She says that the son called to train the troops, and then, as he was in the Battalion until that time is not clear. The fact that their kids transferred specifically to this part, no one notified the parents, to find a place many had life without the help of others.

Indeed, the new battalion deployed at the site a few months back on the basis of an abandoned military unit. Broken buildings and barracks, the dining room without lights and water had to hastily put in order, because the completion of a youthful, bounced from various military units housed in tents. The command part does not deny that living conditions are improving but still, with all this great part-time personnel shall hold the terrain of, and at the site where there is a liquidation of old times of ammunition.

According to the commanders, each soldier before proceeding to unsafe work, an internship, but the fighters they say that instruction — just a formality. "No one with us is not conducted any courses. We will ship these boxes, they are putrid. Were cases where the loading of the shells they just fell out," — told one of them on the criteria of anonymity.

At the current time disposal of ammunition carried at all sites of the Central Military neighborhood, and often there are reports about the next emergency. The last one — the unfortunate case with ordinary Akhunov Rome. Its 19th anniversary fighter met in a hospital bed, which came after exploding shell at the site in Mari El. Doctors were fighting for the life of a fighter for several hours, and although the young man had lost his left arm and several fingers on his right, but managed to save Rome. "It was impossible to dispose of the shells in the heat. All I just bent down to pick up the pieces, and an explosion," — says he. After discharge from the hospital in Rome Akhunova Commission for the service it was over. Colleagues also sent him after the incident in the modern part — on ground Donguz.

Explosions in the range Donguzskaya stop only at weekends during the rest of the fighters still occupied by disposing of old times of ammunition. The way this is legitimate, now will have to find lawyers and human rights, which turned ancestors fighter. On the day or in the unit would have to pass another test.

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