Penalty threw the whale ocean shore of Bering Island

Penalty sperm whale carcass weight of about 15 tons of washed ashore Bering Island (Commander Islands), told RIA Novosti on Friday, a representative of the Commander State Biosphere Reserve.

"The carcass of animal inspectors discovered reserve on the coastal strip of the bay Sauerkraut near Cape Fat" — a spokesman said.

According to him, the state does not allow the carcass to determine the sex and age of the animal, as well as the cause of his death.

Reserve representative explained that the cases where the sperm whales cast ashore Bering Island, were recorded in the past. Last January, the Bering Sea to the island passed a baby sperm whale weighing about two tons. Baby died already ashore.

Commander's reserve includes the island Bering Island Copper, Arius Stone, Toporkov, other small islands and their surrounding 30-mile water area. This area on the border of the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea, 200 miles east of the Kamchatka Peninsula. The total area of 3.6 million hectares of the reserve.

In the coastal waters of the Commander of the reserve lives 21 species of mammals, including the Red Book otter, seals, gray whales, sea lions (Northern sea lion), breed on the island about 180 species of birds. Many of them are also included in the International Red Book.

In 2002, it was decided to assign the status Commanders international biosphere reserve. The islands are a world natural heritage and are the status of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

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