Pentagon experienced costume for porterage

Pentagon experienced costume for porterage
Manage promising research projects Pentagon (DARPA) and the U.S. Army conducted tests of a suit new Warrior Web, created for load balancing when transferring military weights. This is stated in a press release DARPA.
During the tests, the equipped layout of a suit soldier walked on a treadmill with a weight of 27.6 kilograms knapsack on his back. Details of the tests are not Warrior Web.

As stated on the official website of DARPA, a new suit at first intended to prevent physical injury to surge when carrying heavy loads. Namely, the question of compensation lethargy and muscle stress on joints (first on his knees).
Suit weighs around 9 pounds and resettled complex sensors that track down the load on the musculoskeletal system serviceman. Judging by the appended illustrations suit is some semblance of a grid, the main elements of which support the joints and muscles of the body fighter. To supply sensors and interactive «bandages» costume resettled battery.

Pentagon experienced costume for porterage
Ability of a suit Warrior Web
Source: DARPA

As noted, Warrior Web can be used as a common gear and protective gear with a promising military did not hesitate at all this movement.
Development of the discharge of a suit Warrior Web began in 2011. To illumine 2013 it is planned to make the standard experienced a suit, which will be sent to the field tests.
At the moment, under the auspices of DARPA in the United States is developing a descent of several «ekipirovok future» as exoskeletons for soldiers who posodeystvuyut soldiers carry heavy loads weighing up to 90 kg. Similar developments are carried out in other countries, including Russia.

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