People who listen to the Belarusian rock, long with this power

March 28 it was announced that disrupted a concert of Belarusian artists who hit the so-called "black list". This time the band canceled concerts "Lapis Troubetzkoy" in Minsk, which had been scheduled for April 1 and 2 at the "Reactor". Can it be said that the authorities chose the tactics of "pushing and do not let go" with respect to the independent Belarusian music? Or worried about the possible reaction of the power of society to these prohibitions or the reaction of the Belarusian fans of free music they do not really care? These questions are answered journalist and music expert Dmitry Podberezsky

Tsigankov: Concerts Belarusian performers in recent weeks has been repeatedly frustrated that allows us to speak about a certain rule. Can it be said that the authorities have decided on how they will soon be treated to the Belarusian independent music to alternative culture, which appears to be even currently selected tactic "to oppress and do not let go"?

Yes, perhaps, the management has taken such a step, although I personally doubt until the last moment, that all these measures go on. It seemed to me that it was on the ground (based on rumors of a "black list") decide for themselves whether or not to allow concerts. But when they began to be canceled a concert after concert, it became obvious that this is a state initiative. And we can say that all the statements of Mr. Proleskovsky that these lists — a fake, do not correspond to reality. Lists exist, if not on paper, then on the phone.

But these measures have had some effect, if there was no Internet. Today forbid — it's just stupid. The fact that some Belarusian team came under the ban, indicating that the state sees danger in their work. But what exactly to do with it, they do not know. So cling to what is at hand — be banned.

Tsigankov: Perhaps this is unwarranted, not deliberate decision by analysts, and the usual place — "when you played against Lukashenko in the elections, here you"?

It really is the most common revenge …

Padbyarezki: It really is the most common revenge. We can see that this is a repetition of what had 3-4 years ago. Then these measures shall have failed, and they were canceled. What is now — this is another campaign that will end when the time comes another campaign. I do not think that the government will hold on to its long this decision — after all, I repeat, now is not the time to be able to simply drop the iron curtain, as in the concert halls.

Tsigankov: Can we say that the structures that made the decision simply ignored the possible reaction of the part of society that listens to the Belarusian independent music? Or they just do not pay attention to people's reactions?

Podberezsky: On the one hand, indeed, the authorities did not pay any attention to the views of a large part of society. On the other hand, I think some great analysis, where it can lead, do not. Made a decision, put a "tick" in terms of the activities undertaken, and all.

You know, those people who listen to the Belarusian rock, they have not with this power. The majority of 90-95 percent.

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