Personnel policy KBTM tests positive

TSAMTO, January 22. During 2012, in the "Design Bureau of Transport Engineering" significantly increased the number of jobs. In 2012, the work was made in 1314 against 876 people in 2011, the press service of the company.

The number of members of staff KBTM constantly growing: in 2010, the state employees was 2,204 people today — about four thousand.

Among workers KBTM most are young people under the age of 35 years, the number of recruited young people has also increased from 495 in 2011 to 787 people in 2012.

With 75% of the total number recruited — the specialists working professions that are essential today in any industrial production.

Due to the dramatically increased workload KBTM grew and the need for specialists. The shortage of staff at the enterprise solve in different ways. To attract specialists developed a comprehensive strategy: people are offered a decent wage (the average wage in the company in 2012 amounted to 23 thousand rubles.), Social security, access to higher education for target training, retraining, career growth and self-realization.

HR Specialist KBTM participate in job fairs, conduct serious work in educational institutions, analyze the labor market, carry out a variety of controls, work with the personnel reserve of the enterprise. No request of the applicant are not ignored. If for some reason a person is not suitable for a certain position, he is offered a replacement. This work gives a positive result, according to the press service of "design bureau."

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