Pleiadians answer questions

Terrestrial sphere — Terra — is in a state of great change. You always said that from the point of view of the linear historical perspective you live on this planet for a number of years. Your scientists believe that in a short time you have gone civilization from ape to man. This is fundamentally wrong idea. Highly Adamic man exists on this planet for millions of years. Your planet aliens planted life, it happened in the course of the experiment, started by what we call primary cause, and you — God, the Creator, All That Is. Energy being the First Cause — creation.

The underlying cause is present in all things, in the same way everywhere, and there is consciousness. The purpose of the first and the main root causes of travel is to gather information and to strengthen the capacity of being. Globally, humanity is trying to understand what your world is a direct result of your thinking.

At the moment, your biggest problem is to learn to control expression of thought and manipulate matter and existence. Once in your heads runs out the idea that this is the main, the most important idea, the universal law of life, you will begin to be released from the rigid framework of its existence, limiting you for several million years.

On your planet were those who, individually or in small groups managed to absorb this information, take advantage of it and thus free themselves from the shackles of a three-dimensional existence. Now, on your planet is a strong movement to understanding of universal knowledge, because people now are restless. Learning to expand your consciousness, allowing the new knowledge and experience to penetrate the reality of his life, you will begin to increase their telepathic abilities and be able to influence others, to family members on the education system, neighbors, and friends — all in your world. In this case, there is what you call a critical mass:

when a certain number of individuals reach a certain stage in the acquisition of knowledge, and the rest just suddenly realize all over them.

Ahead of you are very interesting for ten or fifteen years. You will see how your reality will turn "on its head" and you will see chaos and a great embarrassment. You will see how it goes cracked tower cultural paradigms, which up to now has always served as a way to mankind "real" world.

From a historical point of view, for the last five or six centuries of your scientists and intellectuals tried as closely as possible to capture the essence of your world. You did not question their conclusions. Now the world seems to you strong and unbreakable. You yourself seem solid and tangible. You all think that you are living in the same world at the same time. But it is not — is not so.

You are moving steadily to the comprehension of the fourth dimension in sensation. The feeling of the third dimension is determined by thinking and feeling of the fourth dimension is more related to the perception, using all of the individual being.

You are so precisely defined themselves, which is not even a question of who you really are. Thousands of years you agree with the definition given to you by those who you think rulers — just because they can speak louder than you, publish books and get yourself degrees. But all of this nonsense!

Always not question what you hear — even the fact that we're talking to you. Become the sole authority for themselves. Terra has moved to ensure that each of its resident discovered his integrity, completeness and perfection of life, personal responsibility for ourselves and for the world in which they live.

Trusting themselves, questioning everything you say — especially government officials, education system, television and newspapers. Learn to read between the lines: it will bring you nothing but good.

Q: Some of us reach complete unwillingness to listen to the government. For example, we want to know how to make a difference in protecting the environment.

Pleiadians: The most important changes you need to make — it changes within yourself. We once again remind you that you yourself are a tool with which you need to work. If you are concerned about the environment and everything connected with it, enjoy a better what belongs to you personally, your own piece of land. Wherever and whatever you do — think about how to achieve harmony with Mother Nature. And then, you have to understand that for the occurrence of a change in consciousness really need some damage. Do you feel like your planet is dying from an environmental point of view, but from our point of view, it is necessary way: humanity grows. If all the people of the world were perfect — that is, if the environment of the Earth is in perfect condition, the conditions for such a shift in consciousness would not be. A certain amount of destruction and chaos is really necessary for the establishment of a new order.

Your planet — is a rational being, it is alive. It has its own consciousness. Your greatest self-tuning step is to communicate with her. Ask Mother Earth, all you need, but instead take a commitment to provide all that she needs.

If you feel the need, along with other like-minded people to clean a stream or lake nearby, please do so. But do not go out and waving to all the angry slogans. The work that you have to do, is work in your mind. You are thinking, even more so-inspired creatures. You — the ones who take thought.

You can do much more with their thoughts than running around on all sorts of committees, where you will angrily pounding his fist on the table. Using the mind during meditation, to use it to direct the light to the Earth Mother, you serve as a bridge between the cosmos, and the root cause of the Earth, so that as a result of your planet receives light.

We argue that it will help you easier and easier to relate to their environment. After all, there are extra-terrestrial energy, they had the technology that could clean up your environment very quickly — within a few days or weeks. But if that happened, what would be the result? Those who destroy the planet, would have: "You see, with the planet's all right. You can continue in the same spirit" — and you will again find ourselves in the drawing.

Terra purposefully goes to in order to become a real gem of this sector of the universe (which she was supposed to be from the beginning.) Darkness really slowly dropped and Terra moves to the great enlightenment. There is a state of mind that must be understood. All you have to do with it. You are all one. You would not exist if not for this earthly sphere. Do you understand? Do you understand that others also need to learn this lesson?

The lesson will be learned. Earth itself will heal itself, and will change in the land of great change. You have already experienced such a big change, when all over the United States swept the powerful forest fires. They — a form of earth changes. And your experience in dealing with high winds, tornadoes, is also familiar with the types of changes. Watching all this, be happy, because these changes affect the life and consciousness. Every time something like this happens, the path of awareness becomes a new man. This Mother Earth cleanses and heals itself.

Do not worry: your world will not be destroyed. Hover around your planet a huge force, they will assist you. Throughout the solar system in the physical and non-physical reality is countless extraterrestrial beings who are here to assist you in every need. We can not interfere, because you think of the universe of free will, but we can assist. When you ask for assistance, we will provide it — those who wish to consciously develop themselves, to find a more dynamic and complete sense of life. Are there any more questions?

Q: I have a question for a few painful subject. In general, it is about alcoholism and other abuses that are bad for children, and to destroy lives and move from adolescence into adulthood, destroying the relationships between people. I was born in a family of alcoholics and realize that this was my destiny. However, the pain and agony of knowing that forced me to make not the right choice, which is devastating impact on my life. I'm trying to get rid of the pain, but it's difficult to put yourself in the wrong situation, that attracts me because I know, and others that are good for me. Pleiadians: Just tell a story, the story of pain, confusion and frustration, the story of awareness of the necessity of choice, will be instructive for everyone.

First you have to understand that if you are embarrassed and realize his status — congratulate yourself. This means that you clean off the plaque off the old behavior and beliefs that you destroy the old order and the old ways of being, in order to do it all over again. One should not think that if you feel a chaos and confusion, it is a road to nowhere. On the contrary, this elevated state of being — provided that you are not in it forever. To prevent permanent residence in this state, return a sense of dignity and honor, submit to the task and admit that you really are working on something important.

Personal growth is essential to love yourself and trust yourself. When a person gets into a situation that he seems far from ideal when parents have rights do not apply to the type of "Father Knows Best", a person may seem as if someone has cheated in life. But if a person believes that he creates his own reality, as believed in what may choose their parents, there is a risk a little confused about why you still do not the ideal choice.

Everyone should ask the question: "What it means for me to serve others? How can I create opportunities for growth? What are the main challenges of my parents? What for me is all this? Comprehending each of their situations, you are holding yourself here, on the ground, and refusal to discuss what is right and what is wrong, to move forward in their perception of reality and have compassion for yourself.

Often, you put yourself in a difficult situation to be able to help others who are in a more difficult position. Someone who lives "like clockwork", it is often difficult to communicate with other members of the human race. But when you have undergone a lot of difficulties and hardships, and realized that all of this — the result of the manifestation of thought, it will be much easier (with a strong desire and invincible intention) to change what is going on around you. You have passed your lesson, and you will now see that you had to have just such parents. Their parents learned their lesson — how their addiction did not allow them to live in the best of . Each lesson — it's always a lesson for you and for the world. your family — it is your mirror. You all — mirrors for each other. Try to accept it and get used to the idea that you're playing a role.'s your play. You in her and actor and playwright, and director.

Allow yourself to get out of the play, in which you play the part and look at what it does for you. Allow yourself to rewrite the play. But do not destroy the experience and build on it, add to it. You are faced with enormous challenges when trying to erase the pieces of their lives. Do yourself a solid by adding new information, new experiences — to oldest. Believe in what you are going to great opportunities for love and growth, and ideally — for the ministry.

Ministry — the highest form of self-healing. When you are engaged in the service, it looks as if you are helping others. But you are in fact occupied the highest form of healing: you heal your soul! You are free, you are connecting to the unity of being. But to go to the service, you need to get more experience — without it is impossible to serve. When you are in a painful situation, ask yourself if you believe in that life — it is a pain? How much pain is necessary? Is it possible to live a life without pain?

Remember that you can choose your parents. In this slot you had the best opportunity to learn and grow. This is not the last option — the last option did not happen. Your parents — it's your custody in the physical world. They give structure and your beliefs, and your thinking.

Life does not have to be painful. Check your feelings and beliefs. If some of them are not quite perfect, put them aside, as you put unwanted clothes. If you thought you no longer satisfied, not productive, not improve your world (as you would like to experience it) — discard them.

In your meditation, try to visualize the big box. You put into it, all you do not need, all the old patterns of behavior and beliefs. Mentally forgive their parents for their ignorance. Forgive them for what they did not know what to teach you. And forgive yourself for what you are judging them. You will find that once stronulis forward. Everything will adjust and change to contribute to your personal growth.

And do not forget: you is your main instrument. You — one lump of clay, on which you do and work. Remember that. Do you work on yourself, and not over others. Others — are by-products.

Work on yourself and you will change the world. Love yourself and you will change the world. Ask about how to show you the way. Summon help. Encourage teaching. Allow yourself to obey the supreme good, which you are free to express. And then free yourself and forgive.

Q: I feel that my being willing to change, but there is a lot of fear and ignorance. I want to know. I pray for guidance. And receiving the reply: "Wait," "Not yet," "Patience". Instead of typing patience, I reach the peak of impatience.

Pleiadians: That's because you do not trust yourself. You are afraid of what lies ahead of you. First of all, you should understand that each one of you lives in his own world. You're all together agreed that there is only one world, but each of you creates a world of his own experience. If you decide that this is your world safer — so he will become. But even in this peace and quiet you can pounce on some frightening things. If you believe that you are on the path that you are blessed in this way, and if you believe in that which is above the rest, and your world is filled with peace and joy — then so be it. We're talking about a world in which you live only you and nobody else.

Learn to trust yourself and plunge into the world of security and splendor, you will have some patience, which will allow you to wait until the world will unfold before you in all its glory.

Just depends on you, whether you are patient, you will be able to love yourself as you are, believe me in that dark journey of your soul are only necessary expertise to help you better understand the ways of others. That you can now suffer light to people, bring them out of darkness. But above all, you must understand who you really are and why you are so it is now. Not having your own, direct experience, you can never get it right.

Do not judge yourself for your actions and for what they were before. Take your power. Accept yourself for who you are. Accept the fact that you are a light to yourself, and then submit to the role, be patient and let the action unfold. Time to accelerate and flow very quickly for you. Do not rush it. You have many years ahead of work and play in their own play. This is what you have to. Now you're going to go. You gather baggage own knowledge, your commitment to the idea. You're learning a leadership role. The new company will be a great demand for supporting it supports. Many will need to survive at all costs, and believe in yourself. We ask you to take on such a responsibility — all of you.

Q: It seems to me that the person who engaged in the search itself is vulnerable — especially during sleep. Personally, I've felt that I worry a dream evil invasion. This is possible? Pleiadians: Your first turned to us words were, "I think." "I think that people are vulnerable." That's the essence of your. That's what you put all the power. That's what you want to get in real life. You need to demonstrate your own belief in his vulnerability. Naturally, with this you can try anything you want — all that will confirm your vulnerability to unexpected invasion. You are subject to seizure, attack. Everything that follows the vulnerability.

Your greatest opportunity for growth is incompatible with the idea of vulnerability, or lung victimization. You make your own display to confirm. Much better shape the world with manifestations of thought, saying, "I believe that I am safe. I believe that I will spend on the road. I believe that my blessing. I believe it was divine training that is taught during sleep . "See the difference?

Q: Yes. In the choice of words.

Pleiadians: No, in the choice of faith. You can select the previous word and believe that remain vulnerable, but you can convince themselves and their invulnerability. To explain myself, where did this belief in their own vulnerability, you should follow the course of his life. Every time a person thinks about their vulnerability, he can say of himself: "But it happened to me this and that, it confirms that I am vulnerable."

We're talking about what the thought is always primary, and the experience is always secondary. Otherwise never be. Situation when you first perceive some experience, and only then start to build on his own thoughts on, is impossible: your experience will be a direct reflection of what you think.

That's why we tell you: Watch your thoughts, try to know yourself. Talk to others voice of love. Say "I believe" or "I feel." Saying so, you will come to the heart itself, and With close to its own kernel, you will find that are building their own experience on the basis of feelings and thoughts. If you find the ideas that seem far from ideal, try to change. Immediately if you are unable to change, every day for five minutes to embed a new experience, getting used to the idea that, in the five minutes you feel safe and secure base. After such a workout can devote the rest of the intoxication of their vulnerability.

If you're going to be doing this several times a day, you will notice that thoughts make you feel in any way differently.

Q: I understand that everything said here today can be called metaphysical foundation teachings.

Pleiadians: It is. We want to tell you, your planet is just the fact that this information has existed since the dawn of time, at some time it has been hidden from you, although in principle this information is open to everyone. We're just here to remind you of this, to push you forward. We are here to let you know by contact direct sense, responding to possible with your questions, in order to allow you to move forward on their own. In addition, our function is to encourage you, to fill you with love, so that you realize that you yourself are the embodiment of love.

You have a very high value, and your planet — it's the ideal place for life. But be proud of what you are. We come here voluntarily. We come here because we respect and take care of you.

All of you — the creatures living in many dimensions. You get into eyes to many kinds of reality, each of which is valuable and valid. Wake up soon!

It was a pleasure to talk to you. Accept our blessing. If you need help — just Call us. Express yourself more courageous, for you are truly making a great journey.

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