Plug-In electric vehicles and hybrids: who will win?

Once the market has given Chevrolet Volt stellar success in the past month, the public cries on "electric cars market awaits failure" little pougasli.

If we talk about the market plug-in electric vehicles, in principle, we can see that almost every modern car models of this sample in terms of sales of the first year after the release of the model on the market exceeds the corresponding figures for the same Toyota Prius.

But will this trend continue? Are plug-in electric vehicles will be more than a tangible success than are their hybrid cousins? Industry analyst John Gezer from Pike Research says that yes, waiting.

Researchers recently published in his blog forecast, which is based on a comparison of the dynamics of selling plug-in electric vehicles similar figures for hybrids. Pronoza shows that the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles ahead, not only for now, but would "continue in the same spirit," 2017.

These forecasts for 7 years from now shown in the graph in comparison with the same dynamics for hybrids in 2000-2006.

Gezer writes: "Given that the price of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles is much higher, and the purchase of such a vehicle requires some changes in everyday life habitual owner (eg, the same features of the" filling "of the machine), then the present situation on the market plug -ins can be considered tangible success "

Gezer also predicts that over the next seven years, sales of plug-in electric vehicles will exceed the figure for hybrids by 90% in the total number of units sold. Researcher lists three factors that contribute to this:

  • — currently gasoline constantly rising in price and the cost is much higher than it was in the first seven years of "domination" of hybrids;
  • — The public is more concerned with questions of national security and the consumption of imported oil;
  • — number of models of plug-in electric vehicles on the market, will be greater than the rate in the hybrids.

However, Gezer very skeptical of Barack Obama's recent statement that, by 2015, the U.S. went through the streets of a million plug-ins. Whatever it was, the next decade promises to be very exciting in terms of the emergence of more and more cost-effective, and most importantly — environmentally friendly vehicles. Transport — a rather sizeable part of our lives, so global change of values in the direction of the health of the planet can not touch this field.

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