Poland: Lukashenko still has a choice

In connection with post-election repression in Belarus and the events in North Africa, the European Union has decided to review its policy of neighborhood. The revised version of this strategy to be announced in May.

Commissioner for Enlargement and EU Neighborhood Stefan Fule noted that the terms of Brussels with its neighbors will become more stringent.

Minister Foreign Affairs Poland Radoslaw Sikorski, in turn, explained that instead of the "big stick" — accession to the EU, which Brussels can not promise their eastern neighbors — the EU will develop a large number of "small cakes." Thus Brussels will be able to offer more to those partners who have expressed a hunt for reform.

Commenting on the situation in Belarus, Sikorski said that Alexander Lukashenko "as long as there is a choice — to become, relatively speaking, General Jaruzelski, who oppressed his people, but then began the process of transition to democracy in Poland. Either he wants to finish his career as the leaders of our neighbors midday "- summed up the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry.

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