Politicians and aliens

Recent advances astronomy boldest hypotheses implemented. By mid-November 2011 confirmed the existence of 701 exoplanets (planets around other stars) in 576 planetary systems! In practice, the number of reliable candidate exoplanets much more and their "official" number will grow to dizzying pace.

Only the project "Kepler" 1200 exoplanets discovered to reliability of about 99%, but for verification status requires re-registration of such planets from ground-based telescopes. It is not surprising that in a few years, these planets will be in directories astronomers thousands, tens and even hundreds of thousands! At the same time, according to preliminary estimates, only in our galaxy, the number of such planets are estimated at 50 billion, of which are inhabited 2000000000!

Meanwhile, astronomers are developing methods for determining the planets "terrestrial", in other words, trying out a large number of already discovered planets, to find that the most similar to Earth. Calculations show that a third of all the stars with the temperature as the sun, must be at least one Earth-like planet!

Hypothesis Giordano Bruno and his predecessors on the plurality of worlds today, tomorrow it will be not a hypothesis, but that! Optimists believe that a habitable planet in another star would find before mankind will go to Mars. Come soon: the date planned landmark discoveries in the middle of the XXI century, so most alive today have the potential to become the direct witnesses of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind!

While the research conducted in the field of detecting traces of extraterrestrial civilizations on the Earth are heard different voices. All in unison said that to prepare for the recognition of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, or even prepare humanity for dialogue (meeting) with the aliens. But why and how to prepare the international community — is disagreement.

For example, Simon Conway Morris (Simon Conway Morris), a professor of paleontology at the University of Cambridge suggests that the evolution of extraterrestrial civilizations are subject to the same laws as on Earth. Therefore, life on other planets may duplicate the land, and it is possible that aliens may also be prone to exploitation and violence.

Sounding the alarm, and representatives of several religious denominations. Ted Peters (Ted Peters), professor of theology at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in California, says that in the case of confirmation of the theory of scientists, traditional religious dogma simply collapse. "But on the other hand, such an alien contact may extend modern religious vision. Ultimately, all that exists is created by God," — says Peters.

Point of contact between two worlds feared by many. Voices on the need for the UN to create a special agency that will prepare for the meeting with the aliens, and will be able to develop a plan to deal with them in case of attack from their side.

"The international community should prepare for a meeting with extraterrestrial civilizations and develop a coordinated plan of action in case the unexpected acquaintance with extraterrestrial 'minds," still take place, "- said not so long ago, representatives of the British Royal Academy of Sciences.

Why are we so afraid of aliens? And who is to represent the interests of humanity, in case contact with extraterrestrials will take place? Who will represent humanity: UN presidential superpowers or specially created for this committee?

Do you not smell these policy issues? And who gave the answers already? Why do we repeat the "prepared" the opinion of innate propensity aliens to exploitation and abuse? Why do we need to increase military arsenal and in general, do we have a chance to protect the Earth from the conventional aggressors?

The answers to these questions are contained in the mass consciousness of humanity, which is treated intensively and long powerful. Hollywood aliens in movies and cartoons always arrive on Earth with plans to colonize the local population, Aboriginal people need to cohere to the attack! The winners in the hard struggle for the happiness of mankind under the sun often is the United States of America. This is the stereotype (for example, the most fantastic stories aliens always land in the U.S.)! This stereotype is long and deliberately instilled in the minds of humanity: the main goal — to cause everyone on earth idea of aliens as ruthless conquerors, colonizers, the destroyer of human peace, etc.

Feet grow just from the United States. Few people know that the Code of Federal law, passed July 16, 1969 had an article 14, section 1211, which establishes a precaution in case of contact with aliens American astronauts. NASA General Counsel Neil Hozenbol acknowledged that the law applies to any spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. Thus, anyone who comes into contact with a UFO, according to the definitions of the law, it may be in quarantine under armed guard. Referring to the same "law of aliens," Dr. Brian T.Klifford (Pentagon official) said (the newspaper "Star", New York, 10.05.1982) that U.S. citizens contact with extraterrestrials or their means of transportation to be illegal. A person who commits the offense is automatically a criminal who may be sentenced to imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of five thousand dollars (!).

Based on this, do not you think it strange that model human behavior in case of contact with aliens has long been developed and introduced into practice in practice? In this case, the priority objectives through direct contact is certain: humanity, sacrificing the latter must save the Earth from colonization!

In this model being discussed ungrounded myth of a possible victory of humanity over the alien invaders. Assumes the use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons (capable of securely remove all earthly life forms, but of alien, thus, is not mentioned) against an enemy target, the size and the possibilities of which are unknown to us! By its nature, calls for increased military strength against the aliens, technological level of development which allows them to travel between the stars — it's suicide!

This completely forgotten / ignored another version of probabilistic future contact: aliens can come to Earth on a friendly visit, to meet and mutually beneficial dialogue! Whole galaxy of Russian cosmists was grounded idea of humanity advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, about the absence of antagonism, which prevents, in fact, achieve material and spiritual civilizations peaks.

Instead, the policy of the state of the Earth is aimed at preserving the integrity of the control over mankind! Modern UFO models show that the recognition of the existence of aliens on the official level will result in economic and political chaos, and is likely to lead to the overthrow of governments, riots, etc.

Actually, therefore, the power / world government, fearing adverse weather itself, the mass of humanity reassures that nothing good from deep space aliens we will not do! They are willing to take away from people the last crumbs on programs such as "Star Wars" to preserve the sovereignty of the earth, where they host and gentlemen! Politicians have long been decided: Earth and live on it are their own people!

On this basis, and taking into account the one-sided political view of the problem of contact, it is necessary to a theoretical model of the probability of contact with the aliens in the first place insulated from politics! Elite scientists and philosophers should be united in a single body responsible for making contact with aliens and develop a probabilistic model based on the contact of philosophical ideas, scientific knowledge and predictions. Mankind should understand that the dominant stereotypes of alien encounters — this is not a scientific view of the problem, but rather in the mercantile goals political plans, we all artfully imposed.

Moreover, the theoretical scenarios for contact with other civilizations in the world space may develop a few, based on ideological considerations flown to contact:
— friendly, diplomatic contact;
— invasion and enslavement;
— destruction / elimination;
— hidden control;
— indifference aliens to our existence …

Thus, the issue of the upcoming contact deserves close attention in the light of modern astronomical discoveries. The international community must be prepared to meet with alien civilizations, and to develop a coordinated plan of acting excluding any political influence. Coordinating body should act as the elite, the best scientists and philosophers of the planet Earth.

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