Poltergeist outbreak in Irkutsk


April 27, 2013 the group of "Irkutsk-Kosmopoisk" almost with tears in his eyes, asked the pensioner Lyudmila Petrovna — in her apartment for nearly two weeks of raging poltergeist.

As we found out, unexplained phenomenon began in her apartment about 11-12 April 2013 with the unexpected and repeated emergence of many beetles on her head in her hair. Recent episodes of the movement of objects were already personally committed experts Kosmopoisk on Monday April 29.

Managed to find out that the active phase of poltergeist began on Monday, 22 April, apparently, continues to the present. The beginning of the main events that traditionally preceded by "phase precursors", which was expressed in a series of breakdowns: broken fridge, kettle burned, crashed Service.

Also, a pensioner, and later investigators, it was observed that all the abnormal event occurs only when the apartment is her 8-year-old granddaughter, Kate. Most of the episode takes place in the morning, about 8:00, and 13:00.

Initially, the woman began to look for a rational explanation, and suspected in the "pranks" granddaughter Katya. But when a week later, on April 22, the apartment began active movement and throws objects to Lyudmila Petrovna became apparent that all of this has to manage some supernatural force. For 5 days (from 22 to 26 April) occurred about 15 poltergeystnyh episodes: a grandmother and her granddaughter Invisible threw ground, handles and rubber bands, alternately in the hall were overturned flower pots and huge boxes of seedlings, in the bathroom and the kitchen are periodically appear puddles, bouncing bottles and decanters poured pensioner and Katya water; themselves open and close the taps in the bathroom, on the bow was tied tights and a cord from an iron, etc.

Expert Group "Irkutsk-Kosmopoisk" failed several times to visit the apartment poltergeystnoy 27 and April 29. At the second visit, on April 29, when the apartment was Kate, researchers have taken place in the presence of 6 poltergeystnyh episodes. Interestingly, all of which occurred in the range from 19:30 to 20:00, when the group turned off the surveillance system and was going to leave.

First, in the hall of "noisy ghost" was throwing an eraser, and when researchers began to leave the apartment in their direction on the landing of the apartment flew penny, a pair of shoes, a metal spoon for shoes. On top of that witnessed the last episode was accidentally passing neighbor.

In some episodes, the researcher managed to fix the end of the movement of objects. So, for example, it was noted that one of the gum flew up the steep parabolic trajectory. On the same evening, after the departure of the group, yet within 20 minutes' noisy spirit, "continued his outrage — in the kitchen were dumped a pitcher of water and a glass vase, a mop head hit Katya.

The impacts of the "noisy spirit" in the presence of researchers "Irkutsk-Kosmopoisk"

At this stage of the research conducted by the group learned the following provisions.
Granddaughter Katya show every sign of "focal person". In moments of poltergeist in it, as a rule: fever (once even to 420), headache and bad eyes to see. Since the outbreak of poltergeist activity is localized on the body began to appear redness.

Throughout the activity of the phenomenon Katya contact with some "angry young man", who takes responsibility for all leprosy. He calls himself a "BATH" and looks like a gnome or brownie (at our request, Kate, portrayed it on paper). According to Kate, unexplained accidents occur not only at the grandmother at home but also at school that creates conflict, both with classmates and with teachers.

Figure Katie beings Bani, which creates a disgrace to the grandmother's apartment

Communication with Katie "Bani" is both a verbal and a kind of telepathic nature. He often it predicts what will happen. In particular, the fact that he was going to "uchudit." For example, "Saunas" was well aware that on April 29 the researchers will come, and will install the camera will measure the devices. Conducted psychological testing and assessment of the state of Katie doctor revealed the hidden psychological conflicts among girls. Katya herself happy smart girl, prone to fantasies.

Instrument for measuring different days showed that the changes in the characteristics of high frequency electromagnetic fields (50 MHz to 3 GHz) were almost twice raised, when the apartment was Kate. Moreover, was found localized electromagnetic anomaly in the hall of the district where there are basic shots of subjects.

The difference between the days in this place affects more dramatically, so in terms of "energy density" of 63 times. Installation of CCTV cameras and stationary until it has brought clarity, "Bani" pointedly refused to show itself in the chambers. It is also important to note that poltergeist proceeds at a fairly classical scheme (even very classical) a well-defined sequence of phases, existents pronounced focal person in a child's face with all the characteristic symptoms, diverse, intelligent character episodes.

The expert group "Irkutsk-Kosmopoisk" continues the study of this interesting case. At this stage, the group considered three hypotheses to explain what is happening:

Purely materialistic, natural solution to mind-body problem, ie tselennopravlenno girl introduces her grandmother and researchers astray, staging all the episodes — the base, the working hypothesis.

"Trigger" hypothesis — suggests that poltergeystno due psychokinesis may occur due to the ability of "the media", in this case, Katie, somehow manipulate energy sources and forward, to transform it into a large number of psychokinetic activity.

Supernatural hypothesis — suggests the assumption of a non-human alien influence of the mind (in the person of the "Baths") in the process of poltergeist and chat with Kate as the focal person, with all the attendant effects on her mental.

Initially, the quality of the base, the expert working group adopted a materialist, natural conjecture.

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