Price radios

The cost of radio

The web-site procurement posted Another application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, allowing to determine the price of some vozimykh VHF radios.

The Ministry of lust to acquire 10 radio stations R-168-25U2 maximum from 632 rubles to 089.42 set, 4 radios R-168-100U2 maximum for 1.1 million rubles for set and four radio stations R-168-100U2 (two channel) maximum at 1,434,762 rubles for set.
P-168-25U2 is now put in upgrading technology at the same BMP. On the example of the 1 st of the previous government contracts for complete renovation and modernization of BMP-2, you can find out that out of 8,486,607 rubles, used for one car, ~ 7.45% will be spent only on the radio.

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