Prices as a chain broke …

Company Belarus wave of price increases. From Thursday, the second time in Belarus in March became more expensive motor fuel. March 3 when the average increase was 6.6 per cent, on the 31 th concern "Belneftekhim" raised retail prices by 10 percent. At the same time becoming more expensive, and many other goods and services — food, public transportation, construction materials. How people react to what is happening in the economy?

Gomel Oblast

"Soon will not eat for that — and themselves, and machines"

At the gas station number 31 of "Belorusneft" driver "Renault" as Mr. Basil responds to another surge in prices:

"It's bad, of course. To refuel, you need a lot of money. Refuel only ten liters, as the money is gone. "

Next to the young man also runs a foreign car. Go to the next price increase be treated with a certain amount of humor. He says that there is little else raised their prices:

"I think a little. 3,500 per liter — is what we need. To fewer cars in the city was. And it all go, then think that gasoline free people. "

Offer young "down to earth" motorist Edward. At prices that galloped after the election, he looks less optimistic:

"Soon will not eat for that — and themselves, and machines. You think you are, why it zhalezze in our time? Stupid people brought the country to a standstill. "

Gomel resident Vitali says that now everywhere you look, everywhere sky-high prices. So much so, that in the "potato country" kilogram of potatoes costs a dollar:

"Everything becomes more expensive. Now the potato is 3000. This is not normal. Seen on television as their ruchyshchami Lukashenko raised potato and said it — two dollars. Potatoes went abroad at a high price — Lukashenko let her go. And in our case it was expensive. But we have less salary than abroad — in Germany or somewhere else. "


Brest entrepreneurs move their business in Ukraine

Brest entrepreneurs are convinced that in the last week are a large unplanned losses.

Brest entrepreneur Vladimir Katrych said that in recent years due to the unstable situation in the foreign exchange market and rising prices lost quite a large amount. A lot of his friends seek to sell the business. Some travel from Belarus. According to the businessman, today every third private enterprise in the nearby town of any Ukrainian businessmen created the Brest:

"We are now just a huge hit. Rising fuel prices — is immediately higher prices for consumer goods, food, all without exception. This means that all products, both domestic and foreign, will rise in price by 10%. "

The first swallow "another price rise — cigarettes.

On Thursday morning, entrepreneurs are faced with the fact that they could not buy cigarettes at the wholesale warehouse "Tobacco-invest":

"We have no one says anything. Employees of the company say that it is an indication of Minsk in order not to let the cigarette. I think there are several reasons: perhaps tomorrow will be more expensive. And secondly, this is due to the increase in fuel prices. So to speak — the first swallow. "

Family needs — 3,000,000 rubles, we get — only one and a half

Family budget of most brestchan half less than needed for a normal existence. The rise in prices worries, says a resident of Brest Nikolay:

"We live together, we have a month to about three million, to eat properly, pay utility bills. But in reality, we have only one and a half million rubles. But, for example, my son. He works one gets per month is about 600,000 rubles. This month utilities pulled out of the family budget 270,000. How to live, I do not know, just a shock! . "

Brest residents say they do not understand such a situation, when everything becomes more expensive when the banks do not, not only currency but also Belarusian money continues to Nicholas:

"On television, we see one, but in fact — is quite another. So just do not understand what is happening, what will happen next. This situation could not have come out of nowhere. So it was before, just hiding, and now there is no way to cover the hole. "

Grodno region

Hauliers: get ready for yet another increase in fuel prices

Increase in fuel prices by 10%, most truckers in Grodno outraged. But some tend to believe that in the near future we expect even higher prices at the gas station.

In one of the Grodno firms engaged in international freight traffic, not hiding say that at low fuel prices in Belarus could always feel competitive in the market of Western neighbors.

What to do: rebel in the square?

However, the owner of the company Mrs. Svetlana says that the old price of fuel in some way be consistent with the level of our salaries, and now the situation has changed drastically.

Mrs."There is probably not a single person who would have liked it. But what to do — go to the square to rebel? Of course, no one likes it, people are unhappy. But we all slyubitsya and stserpitstsa, our people got used to the silence. The prices of our services, of course, will go up. "

The owner of a private firm engaged in the carriage of passengers, Mr. Basil quite calmly reacted to the increase in fuel prices. He says that all of our neighbors, except for Russia, the fuel is much more expensive, and therefore, according to him, such a price we simply can no longer remain.

Ticket from Grodno to Minsk in the bus, he says, is now worth 44,000 rubles, and soon it will increase the cost of another.

Mr."Passengers, of course, this does not increase, but not decrease much. Well, that all becomes more expensive — and bread, and a piece of sausage — and then we have to raise prices. And the price of fuel will go up more, as compared with the prices in Lithuania, Poland, and even in Ukraine — the difference. I think that certainly for the near future to wait for the price increase by 10%. "

But, Mr. adds that it would be good to the country's leadership, increasing fuel prices, thought to human salaries and pensions, but he also adds that this is a completely different matter.

The head of a company engaged in passenger transportation in the city, Mr. Anton upset because tomorrow in the bus fare rises from 1,200 to 1,450 rubles, and the price of fuel increased in March, twice.

Mr."I must say that our situation is not very sunny, and it is difficult to figure out all this while. And the situation is not known at all, especially given recent events. Generally known to be. "

Vitebsk Region

Refuel cars fuel is cheaper in Russia

In Vitebsk entrepreneurs engaged in passenger and freight traffic, a new concern. After the rise in price of fuel, they are forced to raise prices for their services and price list the most popular routes.

According to an employee of a private transport companies, the cost of a trip in a minibus from Vitebsk and Polotsk on in the opposite direction increased by an average of 30 to 60 thousand rubles — depending on the type of fuel.

"To Polotsk and back? 170-180 thousand will be at the new prices. You see, now it is necessary to list all — 10% more expensive fuel again, and this is the second time this month by almost 20%, consider risen! Now all proportion to perapadlichvaem … "

In the transport firms expect
to reduce the demand for services, which are significantly more expensive by raising the cost of fuel. And also talk about the inevitable rise in prices in all sectors of the economy:

Increase the cost of milk, any delivery of goods, cargo … All proportion to increase in value.

"Diesel fuel now costs 3150 … Can you imagine how it will be essential to the collective and state farms? Increase the cost of milk, any delivery of goods, cargo … All proportion to increase in value. And all of someone's pocket? With our! "

At the Vitebsk bus station reported that ticket prices have not changed. But do not rule out that the change in the next few days. Since April 1, in the regional capital increase prices on public transport, warn conductors.

Rising prices for construction materials

But at the Vitebsk construction market commodity prices rose on March 30 — as soon as people find out about increasing transportation costs. The appreciation of the dollar and even the rising cost of fuel provoked a manifold increase in prices, trader tells Alex:

"During the week, the rise in prices will be significant. We prices climbed yesterday. Drywall went up by 10,000. Vaughn host more lists prices … Can you imagine: Stucco cost 32 thousand for 20 days rose to 35,000, and since yesterday, I found out — for 40 thousand! By 10% in Belarus, all prices will rise in the same way! "

The only thing that saves Vitebsk businessmen carrying goods, as well as private car ownership — is the ability to refuel in Russia. To the border of Vitebsk — about 40 km, and gas stations on Russian fuel is much cheaper. Only in this way, in their opinion, it is possible to slow down the growth of prices for goods and services.


the price of fuel

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