Prisoners are deprived of the prison hospital. What instead?

From 1 April in Belarus decision by the Department of Corrections (DIN), the Interior closed Republican somatic hospital in Kalvaryjskaya Street in Minsk for 300 hospital beds places. Instead of the old plan to build a new hospital in Kolyadichi with 170 seats. At the end of last year Kalvaryiskaya started cutting nurses and close the compartment. Now the old hospital is gone, but the new one was built.

According to reporters at the Department of Corrections, the problems with the provision of medical care to prisoners will not. Now, patients are often under escort sent to hospitals. In addition to the absence of a national prison hospital patients suggest placing the chambers in jail number 1 on Volodarka where there is a 60 bed capacity places.

How to find the Belarusian human rights defenders who are experienced in the treatment of prison health care facilities, in spite of great disadvantages, "bolnichki" on Kalvaryiskaya was the place where prisoners are delivered primarily surgical care, including emergency where sick people were under constant medical supervision . Besides, it was probably the only place where they could solve the main problem of the therapeutic almost every prisoner — Dental. Indeed, in the prison infirmary teeth usually just delete.

Human rights activist and former political prisoner Timothy Dranchuk does not see anything good in the situation:

"Just not good. Because and so places in the old hospital is usually not enough, given the number of our colonies and the number of people out there who are — according to the most conservative estimates of thousands fortieth And it is understandable that hospitals with 300 beds is not enough, given the conditions in our colonies: there is much more than on the surface, the percentage of people who suffer from various diseases. "

The old prison hospital anymore, but the new one was built

According Dranchuk, compared with medchastkami in jail and prison colonies "bolnichki" on Kalvaryiskaya was the only place where could expect more than adequate medical care. As for the medical corps on Volodarka …

"It is concerning that can be called bolnichki. There are some cameras that allegedly belong to the so-called medical corps, but they are no different from the usual, just located near the doctor's office. If the day something bad happens to a man, then, of course, to it is likely to come. However, practice shows that if something in the evening with a man happens, the aid is not guaranteed. On Volodarka lacks the capacity to assist a person with no serious symptoms. there the only problem for doctors, that a person can die there. However, they do not always understand it, "- says human rights activist.

According to expert estimates, "temporary absence of the prison hospital may increase mortality in prisons by 30%." In Belarus, according to UN documents, is no prison that would meet the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding infection control.

On Volodarka lacks the capacity to assist a person with no serious symptoms.

Meanwhile, the decision has already caused a resonance MDF in certain social circles. For example, the movement of the NBP. They're going to hold on this flash mob, pickets, as well as collecting signatures in support of the civil rights of prisoners, demanding the Belarusian authorities not to offend the rights and freedoms of persons detained in prisons, and provide a guaranteed constitutional right to health care in the hospital.

The initiator of the shares Denis Sugar said, "Freedom":

"If we talk about the reasons, first, we concerned citizens and we are not indifferent to what is happening in our country, especially when it comes to such a huge number of people. Secondly, we ourselves are at risk, as it takes proactive stance. Several of our activists were detained and know how untimely medical care in those conditions, as well as for the quality of care in prisons. "

Denis Sugar suggests that not all was well with the quality of treatment and the prison hospital:

"Of course, the very small funds vyadyalyayutstsa for a medical service. Probably not a very good attitude to the population of those patients. Yet if the question is about life and death, and there are a lot of people with serious diseases — hepatitis, AIDS — then choose is not necessary. Either way though any help here would be forthcoming. lack of hospitals, even temporary — is an issue that should not be ignored. "

In his petition to the government NBP also require:

  • in the short term solve the problem of providing medical care to prisoners,

  • punish those responsible for the failure of planned work on the construction of a new hospital,

  • Consider a large-scale amnesty and reform criminal laws.
Ill prisoners is very difficult to sustain tion in the hospital. People go to the crowded tranzytkah, cars, cars.

Meanwhile prisoner Andrew, who is serving a sentence in the Belarusian colonies, shows that in recent years the quality of care has deteriorated significantly in the main prison hospital. Many patients refuse to go there from a number of reasons:

"Recently, you know what the problem is. This heavy tion, which is not able to withstand the sick people. People go to crowded tranzytkah, cars, cars. Moreover, there is still the mode. Any violation — left the room in the corridor — and can to be in a punishment cell. And it is absolutely minimizes the treatment, given that the quality is irrelevant. So many refuse to go there. "

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