Prisoners: What to do Mikhalevich — a small fraction of torture

Society of Authors of letters on "Freedom" indicate that torture in prisons have a substantial effect on the health of remand and convicted prisoners, contrary to Article 5 and 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that "upon any one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading it degrading treatment i punishment. " Such actions are also contrary to the prison administration Declaration "On Prison Health," which took in 2003, responsible representatives of prison systems and health systems of European countries, including Belarus.

Editors have the exact names of the prisoners, but has decided not to publish them, knowing the tough sanctions that may be waiting for them.

"The very first thing — torture lack of sleep"

We present evidence of prisoner Igor M. of torture in prison Zhodinskaya number 8. In this institution redirect from jail on Volodarka wait for a verdict those people, whose guilt has not been proved. Prior to receive the verdict, Igor, he said, has gone through a variety of types of torture and abuse:

"First, it is sleep deprivation., From 6:00 to 22:00 in the stuffy overcrowded cell mentally weary man is forbidden to lie down on the bed. Day remand order was not sleep, they are taken out into the hallway and put on the stretch.

Prisoners who suffer from a lack of sleep, during inspections should shyhtavatstsa, collect air in the chest, and with one voice loudly greet bosses …

Need to move away from the suspects two meters away from the wall, then ordered to fall hands on the wall. In this case, the back legs were hit by stretching them wider. All the load is on the hands and spine. After a few minutes of being in this position, people are beginning to fall to the floor. Only then they were taken back to the camera. As a result, in healthy individuals at least a week in all the joints ache, and those who have back problems, it lasts much longer. People as a result can no longer lie on the bed and fall asleep sitting at the table.

Seeing that someone is sleeping guards supervisors cut down electricity in the chamber, so that other prisoners could not warm the water or tea Heating immersions. Thus the people in the cells tend to incite one to one. "

"Lockup: basic hygiene items for only a few minutes in the morning and before lights out"

"For minor infractions under investigation may be referred to the cooler — continues to Igor. — For example, for the fact that during the test chamber boss he's not so loud with others shouted," Hello! . "Prisoners suffering from lack of sleep, during inspections should shyhtavatstsa, collect air in the chest, and with one voice loudly greet the heads.

Translating the cooler, people are deprived of all their belongings, including personal hygiene, dress in Rob, on which is written "lock-up". Towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper issued in the morning and before lights for a few minutes.

The former head of Zhodzina prison inmates Kuzavko said: "I am the lists for two years 9 people sleep and 99" …

In the dungeon prisoner must meet the prison officers who come into the camera, in a posture brace. However, several times a day, stripped naked under the guise of a personal search and the search for prohibited items. Sleep in the cooler prisoner must face the door to a person hit by the light bulb. All night thundering iron Corridor doors through which lead to the stage, and the noise does not sleep. If you fall asleep during the day on the floor, stretch marks and punished with additional lock-up for days. "

"Complaining. Otherwise, the prison will make the method of revenge"

Some of the prisoners in their letters point out that under the former chief Kuzavkov Zhodinskaya prison "famous" beatings and killings of suspects. Statistics on deaths in prisons has been and remains classified. However, the Kuzavko, according to the testimony, saying the prisoners: "I am the lists for two years, 9 persons, sleep, and 99." Now, the detention center run by Kuzavko-2 in Vitebsk.

As the central prison of Vitebsk in his prison records, former political prisoner Sergei Parsyukevich, "Humiliation and torture there are organized directly by the extraordinary level (do not even want to describe, so as not to shock the audience.) From fighting crime with crime."

Comment former prisoner of the KGB detention center, a former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich:

People just deliberately breaking both morally and physically. I know that some teeth knocked out …

"I know that what happened to me, it's a small part of what is being done and done. For example, a couple of years ago against the customs officers against people from the system, which simply purposefully broken. Moreover, not only morally, but also physically. People just knocked out his teeth. When I was asked to work for the KGB to go free, then they were required readings in order to then planted 12-15 years. therefore concluded complain it! any means necessary to raise such issues to prison was not by revenge — to condemn and destroy the person mentally and physically.'s no secret that the majority of people coming out of prison with a broken health. "

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