Project Runway watch online

Project Runway watch online
If you think you have fashion — it's just a catchy world of beauty, luxury, glamor and glitz, you're sadly mistaken! This is only the visible side of the coin — a brilliant and attractive but for those who are what is called, "brewed in the pot" far no secret that the world of fashion — is cruel and cynical.
In the fashion industry has its own strict rules and guidelines, and you or set up to fit into your box, or you just knock out. Then place only the most powerful and strong.
In a brand new reality show "Project Runway"A chance to cover himself with glory falls dozen participants. They have everything — a little-known and budding designers odezhki, who came from all, even the most remote corners of the United States, that compete in a fair fight for the title of best designer and, of course, with the Monetary prize of 100 thousand dollars.

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The project pondus (Rus) Our homeland

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