Prophetic Dream




The fact that I was a medium, no doubt. The semi-darkness, lit candles, a deck of cards, scraps and feathers from the deceased clearly not the death of poor cock a crystal ball — the whole atmosphere of the tent, and even this old cough — all said the same thing: I was in the body of an old magician!

I even knew it. Only in such a situation can be done? When in front of me one by one, all of a sudden started to be painfully familiar images of candidates, it became clear that the dream is still a nightmare.

The first in front of me, or rather in front of a medium, in the form of a retired sergeant of the Life Guards regiment appeared Ilya Podkolzin. Bowed and clinking spurs, famously throwing his boots and gloves, graceful legs crossed, Elijah deafening flopped into a chair. To a high gloss polished chrome nervously played on the tip of his boot. After a long, awkward pause Ilya absolutely surprised and a little shyly tapped himself on the forehead and crunching notes. Medium — horror of horrors! — Spoke to my voice.
— Look here, my dear … — deft movement brushing offerings at the hem, smiled an old fogy. — You really must excuse me, but the election you little shine. Department of breathing its last, the wool head around the city, even my little — no spell is not enough. All you can do is to put a spell on your enemy Richard Ejgima. Free ……

Unprecedented rudeness to the former officer has caused in me a sincere ardent protest. "That's an old stump! .." — I thought, but instead blurted out:

— Hello, darling. Well a long time since I saw you …

In a chair in front of me sat Andris Daukst. In civilian clothes suit with a general's uniform.

— As many of the laws appeared, so it became difficult to pull apart, a feeling that is already working! .. — Breath, wiped his forehead with a handkerchief, the magician said second deputy mayor. — Of course, we must pay tribute — something is changing for the better, who came to power is necessary, but these newspapers is contrary radio. As if I thought this one. What do they all want? Just think sometimes all that is good in life, or illegal, or immoral, or leads to obesity …

— You do something that personally, my dear, do you want?

— Yes, so have forgotten me to hurry. I run'm not going anywhere. All of my — if I, in general, reputation would somehow need to write up …

— I hope you will not be calculated tiles?

— Yes, we know the rates — has thrown a pack of dollars on the table, the third person of the city.

— Mars passes through the opposition with Saturn, Venus connects with Uranus — a fact that can only be for the benefit of those who will find a way to build a relationship on a new basis — breaking away from the blue balls, solemnly told my old man voice.

— What say something?

— I say, who needs you? You go in peace to Riga, tea, not destitute. There is a carve-up to be — now all eurofunds counted. Your tile now unless it is possible to lay out the path to the gate house of the future mayor. Stars say that absent-mindedness you too much you eat. Wake up in the face of debauchery and finally start to control yourself. Exercise, diet, anti-cellulite — focus on that. Cellulite is something there? No? Will.

Daukst disappeared.

— Do not steal, says the laws says such that the hands are dragging themselves. Good man, Honor, righteous — peretryahivaya cards, old mushroom sighed and thought: — Wow, I forgot to say hello to Kudinja, my main arhitektorshe. Something quite a while it was not. Do not worry, soon the real building will go to the place Dauksta two new fall down from the sky — here we'll try … — smiled a nervous eye grandfather, stuffing an old deck of the new kings and queens.

Marjan Pankevich materialized out of thin air. Naked. That is almost bare — in some batches.

— Holy, holy, holy — wailed old man, looking at the wet-monopoly Cable Guy.

— I beg your pardon! — Has reported a naked Marjan. — Straight out of the pool. You understand: all should have time — without me, what choices!

— I somehow understand everything — sweet smile, raised his eyebrow grandfather. — Just interesting to me how you're going to pay for a session? Where, may I ask, are you going to get the money? Just say: I do not need a flag, the accordion I do not play — these things leave for their constituents.

— Why do you need money, the old? I'll even make a cable, do you want? Imagine: you will be broadcast on DauTKomu! I really how many years doing it — a profitable business! Prior to my intervention, you know, the fight wore unorganized. Now they fight exactly as planned: only have time to change mayors. Truly, I say lack of customers will not be!

— Everything is free! Lost his mind completely, the miser! ..

How were the money on the table, one Pankevich knows. That's what the dream is clear.

— Oh, you're worse than me magician — glad the old sandpit. — Another conversation, darling. And anyway, I like to talk to you about politics. Here you explain to me, old man, what is the public finances?

— Public Finance, old — relaxed praise from cable guy — is an art to transfer money from hand to hand as long as they do not disappear.

— Great to see, you're politician — sweetened the old mushroom.

— Who is with us than what is of the order and — so.

— And smart … — vtyurilas old man.

— If you're smarter than everyone else, who else would understand? Who will evaluate? — Marian sighed and utterly sad: — All people are different, I'm the only one the same.

— In sports, I see, that's doing …

— Smoking is harmful to drink nasty, but it is a pity to die healthy. Sometimes I do not understand: why so much money is printed? ..

— Well, go with God, my dear …

Pankevich disappeared.

— And the rustling greenery us sweet and pleasant … — counting the bills began to sing an old Sinister. — Interestingly, I was there for him nothing promised. This, then it turns out, blew himself Pankevicha? ..

The process of thought was interrupted by the next candidate. At the table, wrapped by a nose in a gorgeous embroidered with gold cardinal's robes, appeared Vladislav Driksne.

— Oh, your grace bestowed, would you like a game of chess?

— Patience and humility, my son. Today will manage the game of cards — snapped Eminence. — Election of the bow. Gadahn!

Old mushroom creaked reshuffled the cards, took off his hat with his left hand and offering his Eminence to renounce worldly things and taking out the map, slowly: "What will happen?" .. Expanding the map, said: "Jack — the worries and cares …. The Queen of Spades — will miss …. Seven of the peak — trouble. Six of spades — missing …. We also have the indispensable tears, one bout, the two bandits raid, continuous corruption and selling love … "

His Eminence was red.

— I do with it? .. — Old man screamed. — I am a magician, not a card sharpie! Make themselves — not at all the worms! Go easy on your choices, with such karma is not in government — to the Diet without take turns! And then, unlucky at cards, lucky in love: all honest woman you love! Do not forget to pay, not in the next life as a spiritual practice I say to you, to realize a turkey or chicken ….

With Richard Ejgim medium finished quickly. Took the money, thought and advised less play hockey.

— Always remember — he said, — the golden rule Boxer: Do not look away — you miss the fun ….

The noise and clamor for a tent geezer dragged into the street. Near the broken tents rallied main city traffic officer Alexander Linkevich. "Sitting behind the wheel in a sober, you climb up into the pocket of traffic police," — the inscription on the banner. The old man threw the tent left Driksne trifle — a tent and melted into air traffic inspector. Spitting, mage stumbled back. Parted the curtains of the tent, metering: in his chair in silver Silver Fox sat Rita Strode.

— I can not believe it: Well it's us who are granted? .. — In a charming smile froze medium. — You something that, my dear, from the poor old man want?

— Oh, nothing, I have everything. I've been completely random, … — still charmingly corresponded to the mayor — and disappeared.

Once in the chair, the old man looked around the table and grabbed his heart, there was no cash. On the table was a note. Moaning and wailing, a decrepit old man unfolded the paper. "Money-trial em in a safe place," — her tears, and for some reason the old man uttered a sad thought, but smart Pankevicha. The last came Mitrofanov and power and reported that flew so at the light. Stating that the rush to the plane, asking hypothetical Universal Mind and gave the old man's business card, asked to tell fortunes to the "left."

— In general, what should you Gadahn — guests talking. — If something goes wrong, so, so be it. You'll be passing through Moscow or Brussels, welcome …

Well … and then tell me that journalism is not the most hazardous occupations. A normal person, what he sees in a nightmare? Ordinary ghosts, ordinary people, creeping reptiles, and here — live Deputies They'll in no dream book do not appear. Whatever they say, do not come true …. Guessing is useless to lie and then the truth …


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