Prosecutor General's Office does not believe in torture

The General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus refused to prosecute all allegations and arguments of the former presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich. This was announced on April 4 at a press conference in Minsk Deputy Attorney General Andrew Swedes.

Attorney General's Office, after all assessments of applications ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich about the use of torture in the KGB detention center, the applicant denied all his claims, said Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrew Swedes at a press conference in Minsk on Monday.

The Swede said that "in a state of law such statements are nothing like about crimes." "We have checked and Michalevic arguments set forth in other media, as well as on the Internet. We have set the task fully and objectively verify all arguments Michalevic. Interviewed KGB, Jail. His cellmates, examined the chamber, "- said the Swedes.

He also added that the interview itself Michalevic not possible. Recall Mikhalevich fled Belarus on March 14 and was granted political asylum in the Czech Republic

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