Protect human rights defenders: Lukashenko may be the second of Gaddafi

While the West's attention focused on the revolutions in the Arab world, Belarus slipping into a dictatorship, writes Le Monde. Founder and Chairman of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" Ales Bialiatski, who visited Paris on March 24, called for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply economic sanctions against the Belarusian regime.

The International Federation Human Rights in the near future intends to publish a report on the repressive actions of the Belarusian authorities. According to the President of the FIDH mission in Belarus Sasha Kula "The news is repressions against lawyers defending detainees, in particular, candidates from the opposition." She notes that "this was not even in Soviet times."

March 21 The European Union added 19 names to the list of 157 Belarusian officials who are banned from entering the EU because of their involvement in the recent repression. However, these measures, according to the chairman of "Spring," "effective". "President Lukashenko was very scared — quotes Bialiatski edition. — As we have seen in Tunisia and Egypt, such regimes can die at any moment. Before the election, it seemed to him that freedom of expression will lead to loss of control over society. "

Bialiatski in favor of strengthening the rigidity of economic sanctions order to strangle mode and trigger its collapse. "They have the stomach instead of the brain — says Bialiatski. — They only think about the privileges and international loans. When you talk to them about the humanistic values, in front of them empty." According to Bialiatski, the EU should consider three types of measures: the cessation of lending, giving up arms purchases in Belarus, the purchase of petroleum products in Russia instead of Minsk. "If you act quickly, the regime could collapse in a month" — the director of "Spring".

As the the issue with reference to reliable sources, the Belarusian foreign exchange reserves are nearly exhausted, the real budget deficit is catastrophic values of the country in danger of devaluation. "We need to stop Lukashenko now, otherwise it will be the second of Gaddafi", — quotes the edition of the words of Sasha Kulaev.

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