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Company's state-run media in Belarus have used the recent protests in London for excuses what's going on in Belarus after the elections.

Regular beatings and arrests of opposition demonstrators in recent years have become commonplace in Belarus. Many have little understanding of how to run a major political protests in democratic countries. Events in London — a good reason to mention it.

The demonstration on March 26 in London, was organized by the opposition-minded community leaders and trade unions. They were protesting against the reduction of public spending on education, health and other public services. Conservative government was forced to cut spending to reduce the budget deficit, which causes dissatisfaction of people.

The demonstration in the city center was attended by approximately 350 thousand people. How much is a lot? In London and the surrounding area is home to about 12 million people, which is almost six times higher than in Minsk. Accordingly to the same part of the people came out in Minsk, it would be about 60,000.

It is understood that the London demonstration announced literally every major media and no one bullied people.

City officials blocked traffic on the main streets and squares of the demonstrators. All this took place peacefully, but when it began to get dark, riots broke out. From the mass of protesters are allocated groups of young people who broke windows and set fire to shops, offices and banks. They attacked the police, using sticks, bottles filled with gasoline and light bulbs filled with incendiary substances. They also painted graffiti on buildings and monuments in the city center. For example, on the front of a chic London hotel "Ritz" they wrote, "Fat Cats".

The riots injured about 80 people, including 31 police. About 200 the man wasand detained on the basis of the demonstration. Most of the detainees were the ones who made his way through the broken glass and occupied a large department store in central London.

After a few hours all detainees were released on bail. It is clear that the detainees could use lawyers, and of whom no complaints of torture in police stations. Those who have been charged, are held in administrative cases, where they face fines. Some charged with assault on police officers and causing damage to private property that is likely to be punished by heavy fines.

None of the organizers of the demonstration had not been detained or beaten, not Apart from the fact, to be held responsible for the actions of bullies. The police and the media — such as those sympathetic to the government and the opposition — stressed that the group of hooligans were not protesters but criminals who have used the time for misbehavior.

London Mayor Boris Johnson came under a barrage of criticism after his remarks that the leaders of the Labour Party had been "quietly satisfied" with the disorder. In this case, Johnson criticized not only the opposition but also the policy of the Conservative Party from the driver.

But most critics of sounds in the direction of the police, which is blamed for the fact that it failed to protect private property. Police officials respond that the most important buildings were protected, but it is impossible to protect every building. Police Chief promises that will be made serious organizational learning, to prepare for possible unrest during the wedding of Prince William, scheduled for April.

Pictures and videos of the protests in London can be found HERE.

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