Prototype T-50, J-20 and J-31 is still a long to go for the F-35 — Air Marshal AUSTRALIA

Prototype T-50, J-20 and J-31 is still a long to go for the F-35 - Air Marshal AUSTRALIA
Commander of Royal Australian Air Force Air Marshal Geoff Brown (Geoff Brown, pictured) praised the fighting ability of the South American stealth fighter fifth generation F-35 Lightning II, reports Reuters news agency on May 16. Australia is one of the largest international clients applets F-35, with plans to buy up to 100 combat aircraft of this type.
Earlier critics heralded that the F-35 will yield promising fighters, such as Russian T-50 PAK FA and the Chinese J-20, also some available, such as Su-35, referring to the results of computer simulation.
«Let me say, I do not think they (the Russian and Chinese fighters -» VP «) have a level of secrecy, which is available on the U.S. aircraft fifth generation, which is a factor of our significant advantages over them. Both aircraft — PAK-FA and J-20, also in the J-31, a long way of development, whereas we for 10-12 years ahead of them, «Brown said Australian lawmakers.
U.S. and its allies are planning to buy more than 3,100 F-35 aircraft in the amount of 396 billion dollars, although the final number may be slightly changed, because some countries have declared reducing own orders. Australia is one of nine states participating in the program.
Marshal Brown said the low profile and highly sensitive sensors provide vserakursnym integrated F-35 «God’s view of the world» (God’s eye view of the world), while the control applets Australian F-35 Senior Vice-Marshal Kim Ausley ( Kym Osley) said that the main technical neuvvyazkami are the complexity of software (integration into a single complex on-board display and external sensors, radar, weapons and electronic warfare), «bugs», «futuristic pilot’s helmet» development joint venture Rockwell Collins Inc and Israel’s Elbit Systems , the screen should display all the tactical situation (blurred monitor problems with night vision goggles and trembling «pictures»). In general, these problems are «solved steadily.»
According to forecasts, if the first two F-35 for the Royal Australian Air Force will cost from 135 million U.S. dollars, in the future based on current costs c aircraft price drop to 83 million Australia expects to receive the first two fighters in 2014-2015, first squadron will be formed in 2020. Currently, Australia is willing to pay only 14 fighters of this type.

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