Psychic Beginners six months ago, rightly pointed out the crash site of AN-2


Many psychics and parapsychologists during the year when the Urals were looking for trace a missing plane An-2, expressed the most incredible version of what happened.

Many people called the place where you want to search. Some of these "signals" were checked by search engines. But — alas, to no avail. But the words of a psychic, academician of the Academy of Astronautics Tsiolkovsky Victor Novichkova actually gone unnoticed.

He was six months ago, told reporters that the plane crashed to look for in 310 degrees from the point of departure, in the north-west. Locals explained: it is the "heart" of Kotosminskih marshes, swamp, black spot. But no one checked the word psychic did not go. A large-scale search operation at that time was already collapsed due to weather conditions.

And after May 4 this is where the hunters and found the skeleton of a burnt AN-2 with a pile of human bones …

With Victor newbie interviewed Elena Afonina.

— Victor T., you said exactly where to conduct the search?

— I have.

Why, then, were checked those coordinates, called hams, because, for example, there were sent search parties spent enormous sums, and no one paid any attention to your information?

— The fact that I work mostly with the military. Defense, intelligence agencies — is a serious organization. So my information, if received, the metered … So it is not surprising that the information somehow was not included in those ears.

— But 8 kilometers from the airport — it is not 200 kilometers. Maybe the relatives should be contacted?

All my data is sent to the headquarters of the correspondents, excuse me. And take my data or not to accept — that's their problem. It's one thing to take part in the hunt group and go there thousands of miles away, and another thing — finding. To do and to find — it's completely different. There was a mass of cases where military aircraft were lost, could not find a few days — and I pointed degrees, azimuth, place …

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